CST 8152 - Assignment 5

DFA and translation scheme due at noon on Friday, July 18, 1997

Date Assigned: Monday, July 14, in class
Last update: Sunday September 27, 1998 01:06


In this assignment you set the theoretical foundation for semantic actions to be added to your parser. Next assignment, you will implement the code for your actions.


Examine an enhanced version of the Toy Grammar, called the Toy Language.

With reference to the Toy Language, complete and hand in these two items:

  1. The complete DFA transition diagram for your lexical analyser, including the DFA that recognizes the new token type STRING found in the Toy Language.
  2. The translation scheme (augmented grammar) for your parser, showing the location and type of each semantic action your parser will perform as it interprets its input according to the Toy Language. Note the addition of the STRING token and the unary minus production to the Toy Grammar. The course notes give examples of how to insert semantic actions into a grammar to turn it into a translation scheme.

No code or program output is required for this assignment.

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