CST 8152 - Summer Incompletes Demo Schedule

Last Update: Sunday September 27, 1998 01:06

The final deadline for the remaining CST8152 summer incompletes of Assignment 7 is Friday, October 10. The registrar will give "F" grades to students who have not completed and demonstrated the assignment by this date. Please don't leave your work until the last possible minute and miss the deadline. Here are the details:

  1. This is a practical course. As per the course outline, all assignments must be completed satisfactorily to pass the course. If you cannot run my assigned test files to completion, show me the best and most complex test files that you can run. But note: I usually do not consider 3-line test files "satisfactory completion" in this course.
  2. The output required from Assignment 6 (or any other assignment prior to Assignment 7) may be submitted on disk during your demo, or into my assignment box any time before 5pm Friday, October 10. No demo is required. I may ask you for your source code for any assignment I have not seen compiled and demonstrated; failure to produce the source disqualifies the submission.
  3. Assignment 7 must be compiled and demonstrated in person. You must make a 15-minute appointment with me to do this on or before October 10; see the schedule below. I will copy your source to my class archive for analysis. Please make sure your assignment compiles and runs in the Algonquin Labs before the 15-minute demo begins; you won't have enough time to fix up the compiling environment and do the demo as well.

15-Minute Demo Appointments October 6 - 10

E-mail me a suggested 15-minute meeting time and your phone number to arrange or change an appointment time. I am available to see your demo noon-6pm most days. I am also available on Wednesday evening, October 8, and Friday evening, October 10, until 8pm.

The following people have made 15-minute Assignment 7 demo appointments with me at the following times. Look for me in my office or in one of the second-floor Labs (C204-C210):

Date Time Name
Oct 10 15:00 Alan Nisbet
  16:30 Marc Berube
  17:00 Danny Adaimy
  19:00 Luc Labelle
  19:30 Sam Zaidan
  19:45 Madeleine Leung

If you cannot get your demo to compile and run for me during your 15-minute appointment time, you will be rescheduled to an appointment later in the week. (If you have the last appointments in the week, realize that you won't have this opportunity.)

For students who complete the course, the revised mark will be submitted to the registrar after the last demo on October 10. The registrar will not give credit to students missing this deadline. Please don't be late!

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