CST 8160 - 6th Term Projects - Winter 1998

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This page is the Ian Allen home page for all Winter 1998 sixth term Projects.
Specific project pages are indexed below.

General Information for all 6th term students

Click here for the course outline in Corel WordPerfect 6.0 format (*.wpd).

The presentation schedule for Winter 1998 is here.

6th Term Discussion and News Groups

Click here if you want to know more about participating in online discussion.

I recommend you learn to use the NNTP News interface, with Options set to "See only new/unread messages".

The Project Discussion news group is available to all 6th term Project participants.

The Student Discussion news group is available to all Algonquin Students.

Algonquin 6th Term Project Discussion
WWW Gate
Algonquin Student Discussion
WWW Gate

The Algonquin College News Server is located on the National Capital FreeNet, a non-profit community network supported by member donations.

Specific 6th Term Project Web Pages

Not all 6th term projects have their own online Web pages.  Those that I know about are listed here:

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