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1 Due Date and Deliverables

2 Purpose of this Assignment

  1. Review material from CST8207.
  2. Practise with concepts needed to write effective shell scripts.

3 Test Instructions

This assignment is a series of Blackboard online tests, each ten (random) questions long. You will do the test multiple times. You can answer the online questions by consulting man pages, course notes, and trying things out at the command line on the Course Linux Server (where possible).

Your score will be taken from the best scores you complete online for this assignment. The more tests you do, the more likely you are to have a set of excellent best scores.

Note that Blackboard is unable to calculate “best scores”, so the score shown by Blackboard may be wrong.

The exact test instructions, telling you how many tests you must complete, are posted on Blackboard under assignment05 and you must read them carefully.


4 Notes to Review

The prevous term’s course notes are available on the Internet here: CST8207 GNU/Linux Operating Systems I. All the notes files are also on the CLS. You can learn about how to read and search these files using the command line on the CLS under the heading Copies of the CST8207 course notes near the bottom of the page Course Linux Server.

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