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1 Read This, All The WordsIndexup to index

2 Test DatesIndexup to index

3 Equipment for Tests and ExamsIndexup to index

Tests and exams are closed-book, no aids, just like your job interview.

Turn off and put away your phones and other devices during the test.

You will be given scrap paper to write on, and you may also write or draw on the question sheet itself.

Tests and exams include multiple-choice questions on large blue Scantron mark-sense “bubble” sheets:

4 Definition of a Scantron fieldIndexup to index

A field on a Scantron mark-sense (bubble) sheet means both the round bubbles and the hand-written text above the bubbles (where provided).

When you are asked to fill in a field, you must use a soft pencil to fill in both the round bubbles for the field and also the text across the top of the field so that a human can read it. Do both.

5 Enter Three Things on the Scantron Mark-Sense FormIndexup to index

Fill in only these three (3) things on the Front Side of your Scantron mark-sense form (blue bubble sheet):

Scantron Mark Sense Form - Front Side
  1. Enter your exact ACSIS Full Name with last name first into the round bubbles of the LAST NAME and FIRST NAME fields. Write your name in letters above the filled-in bubbles in the spaces provided so that your instructor can read it.
  2. Enter your Student Number, filling in both the bubbles and writing the digits above the numbers in the spaces provided so that your instructor can read it.
  3. Fill in only one answer bubble for each question.

Do not fill in any other fields on the bubble sheet. The above three items are all you need to enter on the Front Side of your Scantron mark-sense form. Nothing more. You do not need your sex or age or anything else.

The scanner cannot read your handwriting; you must fill in the round bubbles for all three things, above, in pencil so that the scanner reads each. The scanner must be able to read the filled-in round bubbles of all three items above. Fill in the round bubbles for all three things using a pencil only, no pen.

Write your Name and your Student Number above the bubbles, in the square spaces provided, so that a human (your instructor) can read it. A human does not want to read the bubbles; you must write the characters above the bubbles so that a human can read the field.

5.1 Your Personal Test Version CodeIndexup to index

Everyone in the room gets a different version of the test. Your personal Test Version code is a six-letter value clearly labelled as Test Version on the front page of your own personal Question Sheet.

Below is an example of what a Test Version code looks like. Enter the Test Version code from your own question sheet onto the Back Side of your Scantron form, using Answer bubbles 191 through 196:

Your personal Test Version Code goes in 191 through 196

As instructed on the test, enter the six letters of your personal Test Version code from your Question Sheet as six answers in Answers 191 through 196 on the Back Side of your Scantron form, in the lower-right-most answer column.

Your Question Sheet shows you a picture of what the back side of your Scantron form should look like. Do not fill in the fake bubbles on the Question Sheet; fill in the real bubbles on the back of the Scantron sheet:

Test Version in 191 through 196 on Back Side of Scantron mark-sense form

Enter the Test Version code from your own personal question sheet as six answers 191 through 196 onto the Back Side of your Scantron form. Do not fill in the fake version bubbles on the Question Sheet; fill in the real bubbles on the back of the Scantron sheet.

5.2 Use Your Exact ACSIS College NameIndexup to index

For full marks, the spelling of your name on the bubble sheet must match the spelling used by the College ACSIS system exactly with no errors. Spell your first name and your last name exactly the way the College ACSIS system has recorded it. Check ACSIS before the test to be sure of the spelling, and use the Name Game below to confirm it.

Algonquin College does not have a third field for a “middle” name. If you have registered more than two words for your name, the extra names are grouped either into the First Name field or into the Last Name field and that is where you must type them on the Scantron mark-sense form.

Do not abbreviate your name or omit any names. Write in all the names with which you are registered in ACSIS at the College. Use as much of your names as can fit on the mark-sense form:

  1. Remove all the blanks and hyphens from both names, and
  2. Truncate the names to fit the field length as necessary

The two parts of your name must fit in the spaces on the mark-sense form. You have 10 characters for your first name(s) and 13 characters for your last name(s). Each part of your name must be written in its corresponding field; you cannot steal spaces from your last name field to use for your first name, or vice-versa.

For example: If your first name in ACSIS is ROBERT-CARLOS YURI and your last name in ACSIS is TREMBLAY JARIWALA KIYOKAWA you must enter ROBERTCARL as your first name (limit 10 characters) and TREMBLAYJARIW (limit 13 characters) as your last name. Do not use the abbreviation BOB. Do not mix up any parts of the first and last names; keep them separate and truncate them to fit as needed. Remove all spaces and hyphens from each part of your name.

Note: Apparently the name written on your Student Card may not match the name recorded in the College ACSIS system. Use the name from ACSIS, not the name on your student card. Use the Name Game below to confirm the spelling.

The Scantron bubble sheet requires your College last name(s) (family name) to be written on the left, followed on the right by your College first name(s) (given name). Use the first and last names with which you are registered in ACSIS at the College, not whatever names you normally use.

In addition to filling in the bubbles, also write your names in the spaces provided above the bubbles so that a human (your instructor) can read the names.

5.2.1 The Algonquin Registered Name GameIndexup to index

Confirm the spelling of your name before a test using one of these web pages:

If you do not spell your name on the Scantron sheet exactly as you are registered with ACSIS at Algonquin College, you will not get all your marks. Use the above links to verify your name before you write your test.

5.3 One Answer per QuestionIndexup to index

You may only select one answer per question. Pick the best one. Erase completely any mistakes you make on the mark-sense form. You are responsible for bringing your own excellent eraser.

6 What to enter on your personal Question SheetIndexup to index

Everyone gets a printed Question Sheet with a different computer-randomized version of the test. Your Question Sheet is different from every other one in the room.

Follow all the directions on the Question Sheet: Read All The Words

Your personal Test Version Code goes in 191 through 196

PRINT your Full Name on your Question Sheet before you hand it in. On your Question Sheet, your name must be written with your First Name first (on the left) and your Family Name last, just the way you normally would. (On the Scantron mark-sense bubble form, the name is written the other way around, with Last Name on the left.)

Do not omit your last name on the Question Sheet. Write your full first and last name.

You may write or draw on your Question Sheet. For midterm tests, it will be returned to you in a future lab period.

6.1 Enter your Lab Section Number on Midterm TestsIndexup to index

For midterm tests, write your three-digit Lab Section Number (not your lecture section number 010 or 020) in the space provided on your Question Sheet.

You will get your midterm test Question Sheets returned to you, if your instructor can read your name and Lab Section Number on the Question Sheet.

You need your Question Sheet to do the follow-on assignment after the midterm test. You must get your Question Sheet back to do the assignment.

Enter the Lab Section Number of the lab section you attend, even if it is different from your assigned lab section number. Your instructor will bring your Question Sheet to the lab section you indicate.

If what you write on your Question sheet isn’t a valid lab section number, you will have to make an office appointment to get your Question Sheet back; this will delay your ability to start the follow-on assignment.

7 What to hand in when the test/exam endsIndexup to index

At the end of the test, you must hand in everything you were given. You must hand in your Question Sheet, your mark-sense form, and any scrap paper you were given.

Hand in everything you were given, including all scrap paper.

8 How you get your Midterm Test marksIndexup to index

For midterm tests, you will receive an email with your score and right/wrong answers within a day or two of the test, if you have filled in all the information correctly. Your marks will be delayed (and a penalty assigned) if I have to contact you to correct the information you put on your test.

Please add my email addresses and to your email white-lists, as specified in the Course Introduction. Check your junk mail in case Algonquin misdirects this email.

You will need your own personal Question Sheet to make sense of the answer email. In your lab period after the test, get your own question sheet from your instructor and compare it with the email you receive.

Do not lose your midterm Question Sheets. Assignments and quizzes may refer to it.

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