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2004-01-17 01:59

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DAT 2330
Introduction to Operating Systems
(Unix/Linux and IBM OS/390 MVS)

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Course Home Page - Winter (January-April) 2003 : :

Instructor:  Ian! D. Allen
E-mail: idallen@freenet.carleton.ca
Office: Woodroffe WT-313 desk 3
Phone: Woodroffe: 727-4723 ext. 7075
(please send email instead)
WWW: Home page: Teaching
Home page: www.idallen.com
Home page: FreeNet (NCF)
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Course Sections - Winter 2003

I teach one lecture section (010) and four lab sections:  011, 012, 013, 014.  The lecture section is in two one-hour pieces.  See my Hours/Timetable schedule to make an office appointment to see me.

Forward your EMail

During the term, I will only send your marks to your Algonquin EMail address.  From on-campus, you can forward your Algonquin EMail to any other address you wish.  You are responsible for keeping the forwarding address accurate during the term.

Warning!  No group work!

Working together or copying material from other sources (especially from other students, or from the Internet) without proper credit is an academic offence called plagiarism.  Students working together or submitting work containing plagiarized material will be charged with academic fraud under College Directive E16.    


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