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DAT 2333
Intro To Operating Systems Use

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Fall (September-December) 2000

Instructor: Prof. Ian! D. Allen
E-mail: idallen@freenet.carleton.ca
Office: Woodroffe B222B
Phone: Woodroffe: 727-4723 ext. 7075
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Course Sections - Fall 2000

I teach both remaining day sections of this course: 020 and 030

See my timetable schedule for details.

Day section 010 has been cancelled and day section 030 has a new timetable, effective September 8.  Section 020 is unchanged.

Register your EMail

Please register your name and Algonquin EMail address with me.  During the term, I will send your marks to your Algonquin EMail address.  You can forward your Algonquin EMail to any other address you wish.

Select this link to register your name and EMail with me.

Assignment Submission Standards

To permit me to concentrate on the content of your assignments, material handed in for marking must be easy for me to identify.

I have prepared a set of Assignment Standards, which you will find as a button on my academic home page.

Warning!  Individual Work Only

There are no group projects in this course.  You are expected to do your own work as individuals, without consulting other students for the answers.

Share your ideas, not your solutions or source code.  For details, see: Plagiarism.



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