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Updated August 2019

1 Former College Professor – January 1997 to June 2019Indexup to index

DR LINUX Ontario car license plate I was a college professor for 22 years at the Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada until I had to resign on June 30, 2019 due to poor working conditions.

I started teaching in the Computer Studies (CS) department at Algonquin in January 1997.  In the summer of 1999 I transferred to the Information and Quantitative Systems (IQS) department in the school of Business to work under a better manager (Ian McMaster). In the summer of 2002 the College closed IQS and moved me back into the Computer Studies department, now in the School of Advanced Technology (now SAT, formerly CTET).

I taught free/libre Open Source technologies (mostly Linux command line) under a Creative Commons Creative Commons License license. 

Previous Contact Information for Algonquin College (resigned June 2019)
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2 Formal EducationIndexup to index

1985           M.Math, Computer Science
                   University of Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA

1980           B.A., Honours Psychology (Deans List)
                   University of Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA

Graduate Scholarships: NSERC, OGS

3 Work ExperienceIndexup to index

4 Professional/Academic InterestsIndexup to index

5 RésuméIndexup to index

My Résumé is on my home page http://www.idallen.com/

6 Favourite SayingsIndexup to index

“If this were easy, everyone would be doing it.”

“You have to think like the shell!”

“Less code is better code.”

7 Other ThingsIndexup to index

| Ian! D. Allen, BA-Psych, MMath-CompSci  idallen@idallen.ca Ottawa CANADA
| Home: www.idallen.com  Contact Improvisation Dance: www.contactimprov.ca
| Former college professor of Free/Libre GNU+Linux @ teaching.idallen.com
| Improve democracy www.fairvote.ca and defend digital freedom www.eff.org

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