CST 8110 - M1 Review Questions

These are review questions for midterm number one. The test covers all material from class, and the text up until the end of Chapter 2.4. Know your HEADER format from the 8110 Blue Book.

  1. Use as review anything from the self-check exercises, review questions, and end-of section programming exercises up to and including Chapter section 2.4.
  2. Review the course note slides titled:
    1. How a computer works
    2. Computer Programs
    3. Problem Solving and Stepwise Refinement
    4. Problem: Feed Me
  3. What are the four steps in Problem Solving?
  4. What is Stepwise Refinement?
  5. Define or explain: CPU, variable, bit, byte, word, standard identifier, constant macro, preprocessor, integer, floating-point number, reserved word, header file, declarations, executable statements, int, double, char, assignment statement, placeholder (for printf or scanf), newline, escape sequence.
  6. Why does scanf() need ampersands ('&') in front of each variable in its argument list?
  7. What are "declarations"? Give some examples.
  8. Give an example of an executable statement.
  9. What is the rule for constructing identifiers in the C Language?
  10. What is the convention for Constant Macros?
  11. What is a "prompt"?
  12. What does "echo the input" mean?
  13. Write a C program that gets a circle radius from a user and uses it to calculate and print the area of the circle. Write a program to calculate the volume of a sphere. To convert temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit.