CST 8152 - Finishing Assignments

Last Update: Sunday September 27, 1998 01:06

For those people still finishing the course assignments, here are the details:

  1. This is a practical course. As per the course outline, all assignments must be completed satisfactorily to pass the course.
  2. If you cannot run my assigned test files to completion, for part marks you may show me the best and most complex test files that you can run. The more impressive your test file, the more marks you earn. But note: I usually do not consider 3-line test files "satisfactory completion" in this course.
  3. The output required from Assignment 6 (or any other assignment prior to Assignment 7) may be submitted into my assignment box any time before 5pm Tuesday, August 19. No demo is required; these assignments are more than 1 week overdue. I may ask you for your source code for any assignment I have not seen compiled and demonstrated; failure to produce the source disqualifies the submission.
  4. Assignment 7 must be compiled and demonstrated in person. You must make an appointment with me to do this; see the schedule below. I will copy your source to my class archive for analysis. The "one week late" period for Assignment 7 is modified as follows:
  5. I may grant an incomplete grade in the course to allow you to complete either or both of Assignment 6 and Assignment 7 if your excellent term work or difficult life circumstances warrant it. To be given an incomplete, we must arrange it before Tuesday, August 19.

I am away August 12-15. E-mail me a suggested meeting time and your phone number to arrange or change a Monday appointment time - see below:

Appointments on Monday, August 18 (Exam Week)

The following people have made Assignment 7 demo appointments with me at the following times. Look for me in one of the second-floor Labs (C204-C209):

Time Name
11:45 Quyen Dinh
12:00 Fred Burt
12:15 Lance Goranson
12:30 Ha Le
12:45 Dave Beehler
13:00 Tracy Jokela
13:15 Ben Kadlecik
13:30 Amartyo Banerjee
13:45 Steve Cote
14:00 Dieter Raths
14:15 Richard Sims
14:30 Darrell O'Connor
14:45 Barry Martin
15:00 Darcy Matthews
15:15 Cory Wiggins
15:30 Sunita Advani
15:45 Jim Aston

No appointment time finalized yet: Marc Berube (A7)

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