Multiple Guess Test (origin unknown)

1.   The purpose of the cluss in furmpaling is to remove

a.  cluss-pragsc            c.  cloughs

b.  tremalis                  d.  plumots

2.   Trassig is true when

a.  lusps trasses the vom

b.  the viskal flans, if the viskal is donwil or zortil

c.  the begul

d.  dissles lisk easily

3.   The sigia frequently overfesks the trelsum because

a.  all sigia are mellious

b.  sigias are always vortil

c.  the reelsum is usually tarious

d.  no trelsa are feskable

4.   The fribbled breg will minter best with an

a.  derst                    c. sortar

b.  morst                d.  ignu

5.   Among the reasons for tristal doss are

a.  The sabs foped and the foths tinzed

b.  the dredges roted with the orots

c.  few racobs were accapted in sluth

d.  most of the polats were thonced

6.   Which of the following is/are always present when trossels are being gruven?

a.  rint and vost            c.  shum and vost

b.  vost                    d.  vost and plone

7.   The mintering function of the ignu is most effectively carried out in connection with

a.  razma tol                    c.  the fribbled breg

b.  the grosing stantol            d.  a frally slush

8.       a.                                                c.

b.                        d.