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CST8207 Winter 2013 Course Evaluation

 2013 Winter Survey
 2013 Winter 2013
Algonquin College  
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  Responsible Faculty:  IAN D ALLEN   Responses / Expected:   52 / 90 
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The Course

CST8207 - 400 --- Comparisons ---
Responses (%) Course All
[SA] [A] [U] [D] [SD] N Mean Mean Pct
Q1 Course learning activities (e.g lectures, discussions, practical work, group work, etc) are varied. 62%35%04%0 52 4.5 4 83
Q2 Course learning activites are linked to the course learning requirements. 63%29%4%4%0 52 4.5 4.2 76
Q3 All of the course learning requirements are covered in the course. 69%23%6%2%0 52 4.6 4.1 81
Number of Courses / Survey Responses used for Comparisons:2,915 / 17,609
Responses: [SA] Strongly Agree=5 [A] Agree=4 [U] Undecided=3 [D] Disagree=2 [SD] Strongly Disagree=1 
Pct = Percentile Rank (Higher is better)
The Course

CST8207 - 400 --- Comparisons ---
Responses (%) Course All
[E] [VG] [G] [S] [NS] N Mean Mean Pct
Q4 Overall, please rate the quality of this course 58%29%10%2%2% 52 4.4 3.7 79
Number of Courses / Survey Responses used for Comparisons:2,916 / 17,770
Responses: [E] Excellent=5 [VG] Very Good=4 [G] Good=3 [S] Satisfactory=2 [NS] Not Satisfactory=1 
Pct = Percentile Rank (Higher is better)
The Professor

Responses (%) Individual
[E] [VG] [G] [S] [NS] N Mean
Q5 Overall, please rate the effectiveness of your course professor 73%17%6%2%2% 52 4.6
Responses: [E] Excellent=5 [VG] Very Good=4 [G] Good=3 [S] Satisfactory=2 [NS] Not Satisfactory=1 
Question: What did you like most about this course?
Response Rate: 100.00%   (52 of 52)
1 learning all the new Linux unix commands and doing the assignments
2 I do not like this course.
3 it's a very interesting course if you like it.
5 the structure
6 It is very well-balanced for the most part.
7 The UNIX system
8 The fact that it's all new things.
9 New to course.So, learning more
10 Great labs, huge amount of information available, classes are more just refresher of note and never slow
11 Everything, teacher is amazing!. hands down the best teacher I have ever had. learned the most
12 teacher is good
13 This course was very new to me and I did not expect that I would enjoy working with Linux.
14 its awesome
15 The Prof

16 Ian! D Allen
17 To learn the Linux
18 teaching
19 - fun

- challenging

- excellent test preparation

- clear and concise learning

20 linux is like maths .if you know commands that will be easier for you.and I love to do experiment with linux command shell . and IAN is cool man. he love to learn us.
21 Ian Allen
22 Ian was entertaining
23 The pacing is just right.
24 This was my favorite course, and I probably had the most to learn, as I have never really used Linux before.
25 I enjoy Linux. It is new to me, and I am enjoying it.
26 Very interesting to see where it all began!
27 Ian!, the best professor. The assignments were like an adventure or game where we had to find the right files in a directory of thousands of files. It's a fun way to verify that we understand the material. The checking programs were great to show us if we were doing something wrong.
28 You learn a lot of things from him related to this course
29 I liked the way it was structured in teaching us the basic of the linux operating system. I had taken a linux class but did not understand it as well until this class.
30 good
31 I like getting to play with Linux using the worksheets and the assignments that were set. They were all fun and got you interested in Linux.
32 mainly the teacher.

Also being able to actually do use the commands we are learning, which helps to see and remember what each command does.

33 n/a
34 It's definitely very challenging.
35 Messing with the command-line interface. wiped my files by accident. good times.
36 The labs are well put together.
37 Good introduction to the basics of linux
38 command
39 the instructor.
40 Direct usefulness to a job.
41 -
42 new course to me
43 New course to me, very interesting and love to perform command based tasks.
44 Interesting info and rewarding assignments
45 fun teacher, learned the linux commands after trying to use dos commands
46 The material is interesting.
47 Not to much...did not understand much from the course and it did not captivate my interest at all.
48 Professor is energetic and enthusiastic. Uniquely engages students during lecture and through use of a personalized website that is both stimulating and purposeful.
49 Prof is "down-to-earth" with students.
50 Trying to figure out the commands is fun.
51 Great course really, enjoyable to do the assignments too. At least for me. Ridiculously creative assignments, coming from a professor who very obviously knows his stuff. The assignments were the refreshing oasis in the vast unrelenting desert that was Network Operating Systems. Those course assignments bored me to the furthest known reaches of space and time, and this courses assignments brought me back like a cool refreshing breeze.

I mean, not only were there assignments, but there are huge worksheets along with the assignments, and then compendiums of knowledge to back them up as well. The amount of content the professor has in this course is quite easily the highest I've ever encountered in my life. I almost didn't even have to use Google and THAT is saying something right there**.

I forgot to mention how creative the assignments were. I mean, look at the worksheets; that's an example of some plain old "type this. put down what happens." formula; the assignments you actually do involves some cool things sometimes...challenges and puzzles almost. I found it awesome. Not to mention those cool work checking scripts. Did the professor have to write those up? No I imagine not; but he did and it helps you see where you have issues; helped me find issues I didn't even realize I had.

Oh! He even did it for the midterm (I think....seems like his scripts). I didn't even think that was possible, is he some kind of magician? I picture the Scantron machine this monster 1960s punch-card beast that just eats scantron and spits a piece of paper at you with a grade you enter in your book. I must be wrong cause BOOM; e-mail with a sweet print out of my answers.

**Story: I once used google and the first result was the professors personal website. That was a moment.

52 its fun
Question: How could the course be improved to be of benefit to future students?
Response Rate: 100.00%   (52 of 52)
1 I think it works well as it is
2 The prof could probably relate it more to networking.
3 don't change what isn't meant to be changed.
4 The course is excellent
5 less time spent on trivial issues
6 There are times when the week's notes haven't been fully explored by the professor during the allotted(sp?) time and needs to be continued in the next class, slowing down the next week's notes
7 Im not the man to ask, he is a good teacher and does not need improvement.
8 Less material covered.
9 Nothing required
10 Maybe go a tad slower
11 maybe a little slower
12 let Allen teach them
13 Keep up the good work!
14 it couldn't
15 More in class programming or Lab time
16 Cant be.
17 good enough
18 no changes
19 - bread making demos
20 More practice in class. with lab lectures..
21 No appreciable way
22 straighten the learning curve
23 All the information that you could possibly need is on the website. I can't think of any way that this could be improved.
24 More optional lab time maybe?
25 Maybe more movies showing us a visual representation of what we're learning in the man pages and the course content webpages
26 N/A
27 The course is already very well organized.
28 Nothing. He's good the way he is.
29 Nothing, excellent course.
30 good
31 N/A
32 I honestly can't think of any improvements that could be made. He is very passionate and knowledgeable, as well as being approachable and seeming to genuinely enjoy explaining things.
33 n/a
34 I think he's on the right track.
35 It could do without the 1 hour block lecture. etiher condense the curriculum into the existing 2 hour block lecture or make it one long 3 hour lecture. It really gets on my nerves to just come in for 40 mins of lecture then go home.
36 Unsure
37 Can't think of anything
38 that is good enought
39 recording/videos of in class intructions will be useful.
40 More class time.
41 -
42 just right
43 This should be essential to every computer system technician. Almost every organization have some sort of connection with Linux based systems. Technical skills help individuals to know what's going on and how to resolve the certain issues.
44 Clean up the reading materials/ make more concise
45 the course doesn't need to be improved
46 It seems good as it is.
47 A lot more structure, understanding and in-depth explanation of all rules, concepts and assignments.
48 Less words. SysAdmins are lazy.
49 N/A.
50 None, as far as I can say.
51 I honestly don't know.......Hm. I don't like tests. I have this issue with tests where I'll study and then get to the exam and surprise, its a student version of D-Day. You get that terrible feeling afterwards you did horrible (you did) or even worse the feeling you did great (you didn't).

So much of our mark comes from the tests and exams. I know, its a tried tested and true method of measuring a students ability to cram the few nights before. I would so much prefer a "lab exam" where he gives you one of those sweet assignments with the mazes and hidden stuff and cool stuff like that and if you don't know how to actually use the commands you are in deep trouble. Heck, even with access to man pages it can be a very confusing time.

The issue I found with the exam questions was how....unreal they were. Series of commands I've used before, but never in that weird way. In a way, I have no experience with piping a command to an XARGS which then throws it to an exec or some such monster (that series of commands is just nonsense I imagine). I just felt that had the question posed a series of commands in a normal situation (situations that are relatable, like from previous assignments?), I would be able to figure out whats going on easier. Plus, 48 questions in 45 minute time frame leaves you little room to ponder the sequence of commands.

Of course, this is probably just an issue with me as I am sure there are many who achieved very well on the exam which proves its entirely possible.

52 nothing.
Faculty: ALLEN, IAN D
Question: What did you like most about the course professor?
Response Rate: 100.00%   (52 of 52)
1 he was very helpful and flexable
2 He's a nice person but classes consist of long and boring lectures.
3 he is very enthusiastic, loves it when you ask him questions, and will help you get there.
4 He is well informed and direct with his Lectures
5 open mind
6 He is very friendly, very funny and very informative.
7 He was very interesting, has good jokes, and has good teaching stratgies
8 Energy and sense of humor.
9 Funny

Perfect in what he teaches.

10 Almost everything. Super knowledgeable, friendly, always wiling to ask questions
11 Ian, he is an asset to the college, never had a teacher that could teach me so much in such a short time. and he cares!!
12 very like
13 one of the best profs, has a great sense of humor and is very good at what he does.
14 how he teaches
15 Very unique and like his subject. Very willing to help.
16 I love this teachers energy.

He's always in a good mood.

Very approachable.

Incredibly smart.

I love his sense of humor.

By far my favorite teacher, he makes a normally very boring course exciting, I look forward to his class every week.

Read all the words! (you should have that trade marked)

17 nice and patient
18 his knowledge
19 - friendly

- knowledgeable

- eccentric

- very helpful

- rap skills

20 COOL prof. the way he teaches is amazing . all students get interested when he is speaking anything . its fun to learn with IAN .nice prof/... the best for me in our school
21 Energetic
22 Ian was entertaining
23 Ian Allen's liveliness.
24 Ian is great. I really liked how he taught.
25 He's pretty quirky and animated. Keeps people listening. He's definately not monotone and boring. I also really benefitted from the 'practice test' he posted before the midterm. It saved my grade.
26 very knowledgeable, very approachable
27 His personality. Very outgoing and smart. He makes students feel very comfortable and delivers the material very clearly and in a very fun way. His notes and instructions are always very detailed to ensure nobody gets lost.
28 He knows what he's doing and he is willing to help you if you have questions about the course
29 His enthusiasm with the material in the course
30 conscientious

31 Ian has a lot of enthusiasm for his work. He can keep you interested in the material and explains it well.
32 He is very passionate and knowledgeable, as well as being approachable and seeming to genuinely enjoy explaining things.
33 n/a
34 WYSIWYG. (This is a great thing!) One of the best. He is the kind of fellow I really like working with and would the kind of manager I would like to work for. Smart, intelligent, engaged motivated. The material does comes at you pretty quick so be prepared to do a lot of reading and work hard at your homework and assignment. Ian is meticulous and expects the same from his students.
35 Easy to talk to. Shows genuine interest in his student's success.
36 Very good at driving important information home.
37 Enthusiastic, helpful, good at explaning things
38 teaching very clearly
39 Knowledge , experience and sense of humor.
40 Everything.
41 -
42 read all the words
43 Professional, highly motivated, expert in his field.
44 Made a boring subject fun. Really enjoys what he does.
45 fun and amuseing
46 He's a fun guy, and is always looking to help people his students.
47 His enthusiasm.
48 Very knowledgeable in his field and charismatic during lectures. Always open for questions and willing to help.
49 Cares about students and how they do.
50 He's not boring. He teaches effectively.
51 I pretty much said everything up top there. The teachers knowledge on Linux is.....maximum. Unrivaled, I imagine. Creative, as I mentioned; with his assignments and whatnot.

Has his own website which is meticulously organized, easy to navigate, has all the information you need.

Clearly passionate about what he does; one of the rare teachers you leave school and always remember.

52 He teaches well.
Faculty: ALLEN, IAN D
Question: What, if anything, could the professor do differently to be of benefit to future students?
Response Rate: 100.00%   (52 of 52)
1 if it works why fix it
2 Less talking in his lectures. Make it more interactive or relative to networking.
3 nothing, everything is good
4 nothing He is doing amaizing
5 focus on difficult material
6 I don't think he says breadmaking and "READ ALL THE WORDS!" enough.
7 He is a good teacher, does not need improvement by my opnion.
8 Nothing
9 Nothing
10 He's a little too hyper at times
11 maybe talk a little slower
12 now is good enough
13 nothing really, everything he's doing is amazing!
14 nothing
15 Not sure?
16 Don't discourage people, during the first week with bread-making. :)
17 No, I think the professor is good enough
18 all is fine
19 - more raps
20 do more stuffs for fun sir.. you are good enough but nice going sir. no excuses for you man
21 give us root...
22 stop rapping :)
23 N/A
24 I think Ian's website could be made a little clearer. I found navigating it, at times, difficult.
25 I'd like to do some in-class theory where we have to follow him around in the linux shell. We spend our lab time doing this, but it's on our own. The theory time would be a fun time to try and keep up with him as he gives us orders in linux
26 N/A
27 He only teaches Linux I. He should teach the higher level courses as well! We'll miss him in second semester.
28 He's good the way he is right now.
29 There isn't really anything other then making sure the students know to read all the words. More emphasis on reading all the words.
30 very good
31 N/A
32 I honestly can't think of any improvements that could be made.
33 n/a
34 Keep on truckin'
35 No idea.
36 Unsure
37 ?
38 need more practices
39 if possible the class instructions could be recorded so that it helps in reviewing the instruction again and again.
40 The classes could be longer
41 -
42 keep up read all the words
43 Everything is perfect with him. He also can sort out some best students in the course to give guidance and help to week students.
44 Make the course reading materials more concise or better organized.
45 nothing he's fine as he is
46 No opinion.
47 More of a clarity of what he is speaking about. Better understanding of how to connect and ensure all of his students with different levels of comprehension, to understand what it is he is speaking off.
48 As previously stated, less words.
49 N/A.
50 None, as far as I can say. He teaches very well.
51 Nothing.
52 nothing