CST8207 Assignment 09
BONUS Midterm Test 2 topics review

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Winter 2013 - January to April 2013 - Updated 2013-05-08 21:04 EDT

1 Due Date and DeliverablesIndexup to index

WARNING: Some inattentive students upload Assignment #9 into the Assignment #8 upload area. Don’t make that mistake! Be exact.

2 Purpose of this AssignmentIndexup to index

This assignment requires the two numbered Prerequisites mentioned above.

  1. Learn from your mistakes on Midterm Test #2 PDF.
  2. Submit a plain text assignment09.txt answer file via Blackboard.

3 Introduction and OverviewIndexup to index

  1. Make sure you have both numbered Prerequisites (above) before you begin. After noon on Friday, March 22 (Week 10), you were sent an email message with your midterm test results and the correct answers.

  2. Create a new plain text answer file named assignment09.txt (on Windows or on Linux - you choose). For every question that you answered incorrectly on the first midterm test, reproduce in the answer file the question (from your own question sheet) and the correct answer. (If you had no incorrect questions, upload an empty answer file. If you missed the test, you have to copy the entire test and answer every question.)

    Underneath each reproduced incorrect question in your answer file, indicate the correct answer and where in the Class Notes (which section of which Class Notes file) you can learn how to generate the correct answer. No marks are awarded unless your source for getting the answer is shown. Show me that you know where the answer comes from.

    Marks are awarded for original typed work, not for copy-and-paste. (Though you can copy-and-paste the question and answer.) Any source answers that are found to be copy-and-paste from some other document will require you to resubmit the entire lab as hand-written (and may result in a charge of plagiarism or academic fraud as well). Do your own thinking; type your own answers; no copy-and-paste.

    You are only answering the questions that you got wrong on the midterm test, not all the questions. Just the ones you got wrong.

  3. Submit your answer file using file name assignment09.txt (use the exact name) before the due date.

Use the exact file name given above. Upload only one single file of plain text, not HTML, not MSWord. No fonts, no word-processing. Plain text only.

Did I mention that the format is plain text (suitable for VIM/Nano/Pico/Gedit or Notepad)?


No marks are awarded for submitting under the wrong assignment number or for using the wrong file name. Use the exact name given above.

WARNING: Some inattentive students don’t read all these words. Don’t make that mistake! Be exact.


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