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CST8207 14F Course Survey Report

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 2014F - Main AC Survey
Algonquin College  
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  Unknown Role:  IAN D ALLEN   Responses / Expected:   38 / 82 
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The Course

CST8207 - 010 --- Survey Comparisons ---
Responses (%) Course All
SAAUDSD N Mean N Mean Pct
Q1 Course learning activities (e.g lectures, discussions, practical work, group work, etc) are varied. 39%47%8%5%0 38 4.2 36K 4.0
Q2 Course learning activites are linked to the course learning requirements. 58%34%3%5%0 38 4.4 36K 4.2
Q3 All of the course learning requirements are covered in the course. 43%51%3%03% 37 4.3 36K 4.2
Responses: [SA] Strongly Agree=5 [A] Agree=4 [U] Undecided=3 [D] Disagree=2 [SD] Strongly Disagree.=1 
Pct Rnk: Percentile Rank (100 is best, calculated vs. precise Mean)
The Course

CST8207 - 010 --- Survey Comparisons ---
Responses (%) Course All
EVGGSNS N Mean N Mean Pct
Q4 Overall, please rate the quality of this course 50%32%13%3%3% 38 4.2 36K 3.8
Responses: [E] Excellent=5 [VG] Very Good=4 [G] Good=3 [S] Satisfactory=2 [NS] Not Satisfactory=1 
Pct Rnk: Percentile Rank (100 is best, calculated vs. precise Mean)
The Professor

Responses (%) Individual
Q5 Overall, please rate the effectiveness of your course professor 68%21%8%03% 38 4.5
Responses: [E] Excellent=5 [VG] Very Good=4 [G] Good=3 [S] Satisfactory=2 [NS] Not Satisfactory=1 
Question: What did you like most about this course?
Response Rate: 92.11%   (35 of 38)
1 Although I wasn't the best in the course I can honestly say I did learn while taking it.
2 The professor. He was clearly enthusiastic about the subject (Linux)
3 The way the material was taught and the assignments were a great learning tool.
4 The professor were very helpful and reasonable. They made it easy and comfortable to learn. I would definitely love having both Professor Ian and Todd as future Professors. The course had a perfect balance of theory and lab.
5 Assignments are challenging
6 The Teacher!
7 all the things
8 Linux
9 Practical learning
10 As stated for the lab class, learning how to operate in a strictly command line environment will be very useful in the future.
11 Its very difficult to become efficient at linux so Ian takes the application of the knowledge learned to the next level
12 The thing that I liked most about Linux Operating Systems 1 was learning how to work in a command line style environment as I had never had a lot of experience with it outside of some basic Windows tasks.
13 Eveything
14 Ian. He has a great and very intuative teaching method. Very fun and interesting. Really makes you want to go to lecture and listen. There no boring moments.
15 It is challenging
16 The professor was very engaging in a subject that could be very dry and boring. Perfect for this course.
17 It is very useful course.
18 This course gives good solid knowledge of how the UNIX/LUNIX command line works
19 The course material was a good way to learn the foundation of the OS. It progressed at a comfortable rate which was easy enough to follow, yet presented some challenge to keep you interested.
20 this course was my favorite and it was very exiting to learn linux with ian!
21 The teaching and the website (it has all of the course content, very easily accessible). Also, I found that going over the worst-answered questions of tests was very effective at teaching those difficult concepts.
22 The pain of learning linux
23 The worksheets(them being the only learning material that was of any real use)
24 Very different. Forces you to think from a different angle.
25 Really engaging with the material, and labs really helped to actually teach me and allow me to truly understand everything.
26 Learning the funtamentals of linux. This class has opened doors that may never close.
27 The Instructor
28 It has lots of useful tools for IT management.
29 Good intro to Linux
30 Assignments were challenging, sometimes difficult but rewarding.
31 The assignments were great ! they really helped put the theory together with the practical work. I found the labs very practical, when you were done you had something to show for it. Teaching was excellent and delivery made the topics that much more interesting.
32 good energy, did a great job of making bland material exiting and entertaining
33 it was a good course, interesting, jammed and a lot to take with zero support system what so ever.
34 I liked it because I get to work with computers.
35 It was a great course to really apply what you learned in each assignment. It was very satisfying seeing that you actually understand a command and know what it's outcome is.
Question: How could the course be improved to be of benefit to future students?
Response Rate: 76.32%   (29 of 38)
1 The professor really relies on the idea of being responsible for your own learning, he gives you the tools and you use them how you see fit. I don't know how it could be improved.
2 I don't think anything needs to change
3 Pressure students to not play games in class.
4 I am amazed at how efficient and practical the course was so I would not suggest any changes be made.
5 As is, it's a great course!
6 nothing
7 At the start of the semester showing students what the commands did in a graphical user interface could make the transition easier.
8 It's fine the way it is
9 I think the course could be improved by having a more visual relation between Windows and Linux command lines. The idea and concept of Linux didn't click with me right away. In Windows Operating Systems you can go to the command line and open a program from it but with PuTTy, there is no way to execute a file. If Linux was taught on a virtual machine where you could have a visual understanding of your directories and then perform tasks inside the command line, then it would be much easier for first year students to grasp and understand.
11 Its structured near perfect if you ask me.
12 Go over assignments
13 The assignments could be organized better as there are a lot of "Bonus" ones that are overlapping with other ones.
14 Nothing comes to mind.
15 work on worksheets together in class
16 There was never a point in time where I wanted to change something that was happening with the course.
18 The treatment of pain of learning linux
19 Change the assignments so they aren't so ambiguous! I feel like there was more empathizes put on "not giving away the answer" then there was on writing the questions and tasks. As a student with a learning disability it was HELL to try and do this courses assignments. the supplementary text and course notes didn't help very much because they were written in a way to be presented during lectures and not to be a resource for study. The test questions barely showed any knowledge of linux and were mostly trick questions all the way through. It was actually so stressful many students looked like zombies before and after tests.

Better questions on the tests that show our knowledge of linux and assignments that aren't written in a way to confuse the human brain and make it imposable with a disability to succeed would be good. ALSO a lab class where it isn't just

"ask me questions and get embarrassed about it" many of the students feel this way and honestly a lab section with instruction and professor support would be amazing.. instead of RTFM and reading the assignment over and over hoping we get it

20 Do not have the last few assignments rely on CentOS.
21 I believe that I could be paced a little better, as it can be very overwhelming for people that are new to Linux. Possibly a simplification of some of the assignments aswell.
22 n/a
23 This course should allow more group work and engagement.
24 Nothing, its good.
25 Please do not take time away from instruction to complete a survey that is not due till the 15th of December.
26 i would like to see more help in the beginning because i found the leaning curve pretty hard for newbies (non-linux people).
27 Truly needed a good support system! in the class we learned how Linux suppiriarty from the get go and we also learned how efficient has been for support admins and so on. so why go out of way to make it out of reach and difficult instead of making it attractively challenging. as per improvement, enhancing the language used specially for lab purpose, needed clear direction in order to support student, the difficult part wasn't the professor nor the subject but the difficulty was the the written instruction was impossible to understood because of the language used to explain the content in the direction.

comparing to other professors in CST my experience is in this class was by far poor if we talk about any support system.

28 Maybe if the teacher actually explained and gave the answer like other Tech teachers.

I understand his way to "help us find our own answers" but some students such as myself ask for explanations and answers because even if we may have found the answers its still possible we don't understand what we just read.

No answers given and I respect that

But rarely any explanations were given either

29 Less labs, if you got behind on one, which I did as a result of illness, they pile up and are nearly impossible to catch up on. Also, the final was at least half permissions, and most of the other students I talked to had significant mark deductions because there was not a lot of emphasis placed on it before the final. Maybe spread out the topics and don't focus heavily on one. Quite frustrating and stressful to see that. I was the most confident about this exam and the lack of variety in the final exam content threw me right off. I understand most of the course content but the final exam, due to it's limited scope, did not prove this.
Faculty: ALLEN, IAN D
Question: What did you like most about the course professor?
Response Rate: 97.37%   (37 of 38)
1 He knew how to keep the attention of the classroom, even when going over really dry material, which was Linux.
2 His enthusiasm, his attention to detail, and his ability to explain in words everybody can follow
3 He is funny and makes sure we are paying attention to him during class and not being distracting to others!
4 Enthusiastic, vocal, and reasonable.
5 Knowledge is power. Mr. Allen excels in this subject.
6 Teaching methods are great!
7 the style
8 entertaining
9 Interesting... Always very interesting (He is GOD!!![sudo])
10 He loves his work. He is always very excited and seems to have fun while teaching which makes it more interesting for students.
11 His sense of humor and loud personality helps to easily purvey the course material
12 The one thing that I will always appreciate about Ian is his overall good spirit and character as well as his will to help you out if needed without giving away any answers. He helps you learn more efficiently that way and I liked that type of learning.
13 You can tell he likes what he teaches
14 Fun, helpful, inciting, encouraging. Outrageously cool
15 I like how the teacher challenges the students forcing us to figure out the assignments.
16 That he made the course interesting and fun. It could have been a very boring course, I'm glad it wasn't!
17 His personality
18 He never let the student get bored. The way he teach, he never let any student get bored.
19 Ian Allen is a very enthusiastic teacher, bringing such enthusiasm makes it exciting to be in class.
20 His attitude, very lay back and funny easy to talk to.
21 I like how Ian was always so enthusiastic about teaching the subject. His lectures were alwasy dynamic, which made them very interesting and easily kept my attention the entire time. During the labs he was always eager to help, but didn't simply tell you what to do. He gave you just enough information so that you could find the answers by yourself.
22 He was very interesting and kept me focused in his lectures, i didn't fall asleep in his classes that's for sure!
23 He's incredibly engaging and energetic, it makes it difficult to not WANT to focus on the class. It's enjoyable and easy to learn from him.
24 Very intelligent and always ready to helo
25 His classes were animated and he REALLY does know his stuff Affectionately "urban legends" go around about him.. ill repeat a few

1) he wrote Linux and Linus Torvalds is a pseudonym

2) the CLS is in his basement

3) He is married to Debrah and they made the Debian distribution of Linux

All these things are said with respect to his skill in linux and are sincerely meant as a complement to him as well

26 This man is Linux man. He can answer question you can ever dream of!
27 Entertaining, always willing to help, extremely knowledgeable.
28 The Animated nature of Ian Allen, is thus far unparalleled. Managing to hold my attention,even through the dryest of material.
29 Very helpful, and was able to keep the interest of the class while teaching difficult material.
30 Very enthusiastic.
31 Ian is a good professor and makes something like linux, which can be dry, entertaining and educational at the same time.
32 His passion for teaching and Linux system.
33 Extreamly knowledgable about the topic, was able to explain all questions that were asked. Was extreamly enthusiastic and invested in the material.
34 great energy
35 knowledgeable, funny and he present himself as caring professor. I found him unapproachable and lots of short answers when i have some sort of question on the subject. if you know what i mean ----.
36 Ian is really funny and is very good with what he does.
37 He was very willing and able to answer all questions relating to the course content and linux in general. He was also very understanding about the need for extensions due to illness. If you put in the work, he trusted you with extensions. This was helpful in (hopefully) passing the course.
Faculty: ALLEN, IAN D
Question: What, if anything, could the professor do differently to be of benefit to future students?
Response Rate: 73.68%   (28 of 38)
1 Nothing that I know of.
2 Less trick questions on the midterms
3 Keep doing that Ian ;)
4 I can honestly say he is doing an excellent job and would not recommend changing anything.
5 I think nothing.

Great course, great subject, amazing professor, challenging assignments.

Can't wait for Linux II!

6 everything is perfect
7 nothing did great
8 Showing students what happens in a GUI to help people who have been using Windows and Mac operating systems their entire life would make the transition to CLI easier.
9 He's doing fine
10 As I mentioned above, I think having either a virtual machine with a Linux Operating System on it from the start of the course or just giving good visuals as to what is actually going on in the command line would help a lot. I am a very visual learner and not everyone is able to learn from a simple command line screen and need a visual or execution to come out of it to show that they have the right idea of the task.
12 I would honestly benefit from the teacher going over assignments or teaching the material for assignments as the assignments are handed out. Reinforcing information would help cement the information in my brain, I am positive that other students would agree.
13 Mark the assignments faster
14 Nothing
15 nothing comes to mind

16 There is nothing that he could do to benifit future students. His teaching style and approach with students was perfect.
17 Nothing.
18 Despite his ability in linux, every lab class that a student misses he asks out loud in front of everyone why they weren't there I missed maybe 2 classes for very personal reasons that would be embarrassing to list even as anonymous as this survey is its humiliation and needs to stop. He also needs to do some instruction in his lab sections instead of saying here is an assignment you had a lecture "go" and answering each question with "RTFM" or "its in there" I have never struggled with a course in college before this nor have i ever had such a lack of professor support in my entire life. I understand its my responsibility to learn the course material but I had no reason to go to a lab take the hour trip there and back just to be told to read a man page when my question was about how the assignment was written or whats being asked of me not what should i be doing.

At the end of the day I feel ripped off instead of teaching linux this way why not just give us a book and say finish it...because honestly that's what happened at least 3/4 of the class agree it was mostly self learning that we could have done without Algonquin college and I sincerely believe that and so do most of the students in the class.

I put a lot of thought into this and asked around and spoke with other classmates too shy to tell the truth like this but this teaching style has to stop even though I am going to be through it this semester i don't want the students after me to have to suffer the same way

19 Link the lectures more to the labs.
20 n/a
21 Slow down during lectures.
22 Clone Ian, and using VMware from the start would be benificial over using putty
23 No or lower penalty for mistake in filling out exam sheet. It is not directly related to Linux. For better understanding, avoiding mistakes, use the pictures of scantron(bubble) sheet for correct filling-out form.
25 i would also like more explanation in the syntax because that is where i had the most difficulty with
26 at the beginning of the semester I reached the office of CST to find out if i can get support for Linux class like fundamental class. the office indicated that the professor wouldn't think the support was necessary. students come from a different background and the support in place if not adequately efficient, I think support system should be first in place for future plan. because of not having support I spent a lot of hour trying to catch up with the pace. there is a lot to say but one thing stand in Linux class a great professor with out support.
27 Needs to slow down for slower students like me.
28 Great prof, no complaints.


 2014F - Main AC Survey
Algonquin College  
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  Unknown Role:  IAN D ALLEN   Responses / Expected:   45 / 67 
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The Course

CST8207 - 020 --- Survey Comparisons ---
Responses (%) Course All
SAAUDSD N Mean N Mean Pct
Q1 Course learning activities (e.g lectures, discussions, practical work, group work, etc) are varied. 60%31%4%2%2% 45 4.4 36K 4.0
Q2 Course learning activites are linked to the course learning requirements. 67%31%2%00 45 4.6 36K 4.2
Q3 All of the course learning requirements are covered in the course. 62%38%000 45 4.6 36K 4.2
Responses: [SA] Strongly Agree=5 [A] Agree=4 [U] Undecided=3 [D] Disagree=2 [SD] Strongly Disagree.=1 
Pct Rnk: Percentile Rank (100 is best, calculated vs. precise Mean)
The Course

CST8207 - 020 --- Survey Comparisons ---
Responses (%) Course All
EVGGSNS N Mean N Mean Pct
Q4 Overall, please rate the quality of this course 64%16%16%04% 45 4.4 36K 3.8
Responses: [E] Excellent=5 [VG] Very Good=4 [G] Good=3 [S] Satisfactory=2 [NS] Not Satisfactory=1 
Pct Rnk: Percentile Rank (100 is best, calculated vs. precise Mean)
The Professor

Responses (%) Individual
Q5 Overall, please rate the effectiveness of your course professor 64%24%4%2%4% 45 4.4
Responses: [E] Excellent=5 [VG] Very Good=4 [G] Good=3 [S] Satisfactory=2 [NS] Not Satisfactory=1 
Question: What did you like most about this course?
Response Rate: 75.56%   (34 of 45)
1 Ian has an awesome way of making this course very easy to understand. In a way he is able to teach you to visualize and understand what exactly is going on in the command line interface of Linux.
2 our professor's enthusiasm on Linux
3 Learned a lot of interesting things.
4 The practical application of the course material when doing the assignments for the course.
5 Loved Ian's enthusiasm... This was by far my favorite class to attend. I honestly had a smile on my face waking up and knowing I was attending Ian's class today.
6 Learning something new each week
7 the teaching style. he explains everything extremely well and leaves no surprises for the exams.
8 The teacher! Great guy! Makes learning fun and interesting.
9 This course teaches practical skills with linux and the labs are both interesting and challenging.
10 Fun, very interesting. I actually learned things.
11 teaching style
12 Lessons learned in theory truly tied into Lab and assignment material. The course was clearly structured in a way where all lessons learned were needed for each new task presented
13 Amazingly well constructed.
14 I've always been curious about Linux and this course was really informative and practical. I now feel comfortable using a Linux terminal, and I might even prefer it over MacOS or Windows.

Also really appreciate how the course really matches the open source philosophy of Linux. All the course notes being available from a freely accessible website is not only convenient but I believe gave the prof the ability to put a lot of care into all those notes. I never hit a situation where I had a question that wasn't in the notes. Not only were they in the notes but easily accessible and logically organized.

The assignments were also written in a really smart way that strikes a good balance between leaving you on your own completely, and just giving you the answer. If I didn't immediately know what to do I usually just had to read through a section a second or third time before a hint given jogged my memory. It's important that the assignments actually require you to think and figure out the problem on your own, and merely support you in doing that. I feel this course did an excellent job of that.

15 You actually learn Linux by doing it, and the course is done in a way where by doing the assignments you learn. Its really good
16 was interesting and i could see the real world applications.
17 doing the the labs and seeing how it actually works
18 Course content well-structured, takes bottom-up approach to course work. Went from relatively little confidence with a command line environment to a much greater understanding of it and Linux in general.
19 Lab periods, organized course page
20 The course Linux site that is used for the course is an excellent learning source.
21 Learning to use a New Operating System I haven't before. LINUX!
22 I like the fact that my teachers obviously care about what they are teaching, and teach the material with enough passion and flair that makes the information much easier to retain.
23 The subject matter is interesting, and its satisfying to get 100% on the checking program when you do the assignments right.
24 To be able to see how programs literally run and used in the back ground of a computer

25 The course covers great material and it is well taught by the teachers
26 Engaging, different, interesting
27 good course
28 Class environment
29 Never knew about Linux... now I know about Linux!
30 When Creating my own Linux Machine
31 Learning linux can be interesting and its nice to be able to work with something practical. The lab instructions were for the most part well done.
32 The course structure is really good , it more practical based
33 This course was to introduce us to Linux and it served it's purpose.
34 the professor's way of teaching
Question: How could the course be improved to be of benefit to future students?
Response Rate: 68.89%   (31 of 45)
1 I do not really see any issues with this course and I do think that if students attend class and do the work, they will be able to completely take in the information required to pass the course.
2 I believe students should be more actively encouraged to install a Linux virtual machine right from the beginning - I found it very helpful for my learning process.
3 .......
4 So far so good. I have no suggestions into changing the course.
5 cant think of a thing
6 For those who are green to the course, more in depth discussion and repetitive tasks to solidify the learnt commands.
7 The course is great the way it is.
8 More Ian.
9 its pretty good :)
10 None needed
11 More links to outside resources, and maybe some videos so we can watch them if we miss a class...
12 It's hard to really come up with ways the course could be improved. One thing I can think of is how Richard in his networking fundamentals course including a final mark estimator which I liked quite a bit. That could be useful to include. Otherwise I'd say the way the course is written is nearly perfect.
13 Maybe a bit more prep for Midterms. I would have wanted a 2 hour review class for a midterm.
14 nothing seemed to be done poorly to me.
15 i don't really know
16 No improvements necessary. Keep it up!
17 .
18 The navigation of the course Linux site could be improved. Perhaps have a search function for that site, as there is extensive information contained on there.
19 in the lab course we could do the practice workbooks as a class.
20 I can't think of anything
21 I find the assignments are a little bit hard sometimes. Most of the time what you need is right there in the course notes, but other times you need to combine what you've already learned and hopefully know to use it. I think more time to do the assignments between due dates (and more time in the lab periods to ask questions) would be helpful to future students.
22 Change the way the assignments are. and make it more understandable to student.
23 More Linux less Windows in the CST program
24 More time to do mid-term tests
25 every this is going good
26 Maybe not have varying professors between labs and theories
27 Nothing.
28 I don't have anything to say. I mean the course is already more than improves
29 A different professor. Allen is enthusiastic but entirely too close to the subject matter to be objective. His lab instructions are good but I found very little of value in his lectures.
30 The only thing I could really suggest is when you have a student that asks you a question every 30 seconds just for the sake of asking questions please tell him to stop. You have a way of teaching something very complicated and presenting it in a way that make sense and is clear. But when you have a student that will just ask you questions for any reason please ask him to stop and to hold his question until the end of class not only does he stop you, you loose the whole group.
31 no changes actually
Faculty: ALLEN, IAN D
Question: What did you like most about the course professor?
Response Rate: 73.33%   (33 of 45)
1 Ian has an awesome way of making this course very easy to understand. In a way he is able to teach you to visualize and understand what exactly is going on in the command line interface of Linux. Ian is always very willing to help students understand.
2 Made the course fun. Nothing unexcepted on exams.
3 He has a very practical approach to his lectures - he directs his focus to the things you will need to know rather than the things you won't.
4 Making sure that we "Read all the words"

5 teaching style
6 Fun, jovial, interesting and funny. Great prof!
7 Ian did a great job making lectures entertaining, even when I had to come in for just the one hour lecture on a Friday I didn't mind since it was an hour of interesting content and humor.
8 Very passionate about what he's teaching, funny, best teacher I've had in post secondary education
9 He is funny and very good in linux
10 It was clear from the first moment of the first theory that Ian truly cares about us learning the content of the course. His enthusiasm made otherwise uninteresting material very interesting to learn. He was easily the most available and involved with any "off-the clock requests" that were sent his way
11 He made Linux intresting and exciting by the sheer force of his will.
12 He has a lot of genuine enthusiasm for what he's teaching that's hard not to catch yourself. What could have been a very, very dry course full of lectures became my favourite part of the course to attend. It's also clear that he's not simply knowledgeable about the curriculum but the subject in general, and competence really helps me feel confident about what I'm being taught.
13 Ians a really good teacher, he definitely knows his stuff. no question about that. pretty funny too
14 very good at explaining everything even though the content was difficult, also very entertaining and kept me interested in what he was saying
15 how he made most of his lectures interesting
16 Very engaging, clear enthusiasm for his work. Lecture notes a bit long but very simple to search, lectures themselves very interesting. Easily the course I look forward to most during the week.
17 Very enthusiastic, inspiring
18 The professor has a very interesting and engaging teaching style. His review question pools before midterms and exams are also excellent.
19 Excited about the course. Gives feedback and provides the right information needed to pass.
20 Teaches the content with much enthusiasm and flair, that makes it easy to learn and retain what has been taught.
21 he is really good professor.
22 Upbeat, interesting, passionate about Linux.
23 He's helpful to everyone
24 Ian is great with his students. (Very energetic about Linux in general)
25 Went in-depth with explanations, always helped when you asked for it, very well taught in both theory and lab classes.
26 he is organized
27 Professor is eccentric and easily approachable
28 Learning about a menial command such as ls or find and Ian! reacts like we won a Grammy. Awesome professor, awesome teaching style. Keep it up
29 The way he teach us.He make the course easy. He trained us very well. I learned a lot from him.
30 Enthusiastic and clearly understood the course material (my NOS prof made a few errors when designing labs that required corrections. Not so with this one.). He also had a backup in place in case blackboard malfunctioned. As I noted in other evaluations, several profs had to make allowances for that.
31 MR. IAN D ALLEN is really good professor in linux , he is very experienced person
32 .
33 way he taught
Faculty: ALLEN, IAN D
Question: What, if anything, could the professor do differently to be of benefit to future students?
Response Rate: 57.78%   (26 of 45)
1 I cannot see what would have to be done differently at the moment.
2 I followed the course very well. I have no suggestions to improvement or doing anything differently
3 nothing
4 More in depth discussion on commands, more repetitiveness to get it in my head.
5 N/A
6 its already good :)
7 Honestly Ian took a subject I was dreading to take and made it interesting and engaging, Bravo!


8 Clone himself, and teach all the Linux levels..
9 Not much to be improved, I'd say just stay out of his way and let him do what he wants because it's working fantastically.
10 Go over the midterm a bit more before you do it I guess. that's about it
11 nothing.
12 i don't really know what he could improve on
13 Nothing comes to mind -- all learning styles are fairly equally well represented and able to take something away from this course.
14 .
15 Perhaps slow down in his pace at times. Students can sometimes get lost very easily in his lectures and he can very quickly go over topics and not really elaborate on them. This sometimes makes it unclear as to what certain commands actually do or how they could be used. Some students have difficulty understanding some terminology in the assignments and it can sometimes make it unclear as to what the professor wants for certain sections of the assignments. Perhaps elaborate a bit more in the instructions to make it clearer.
16 Provide a way for the students to actually understand how to do certain things in many different ways than just teaching one, and expecting us to know the others.
17 I found his desire to "trick" us for not reading all the words caused unnecessary stress. There was one instance where he wanted us to name things with 1's and l's and I's just to make sure we were paying attention. The result hurt my eyes and made me second guess myself, making the assignment harder than it needed to be.
18 make assignments more clear so that student can relate to it
19 Allow the second year or semester students to act like the second year Waterloo students :)
20 mv Ian! 'Linux II Professor'
21 Perhaps go further in depth with some subject matter
22 none, nada, zip, zero
23 I'm excited for that
24 Many things. Not shouting at random during lectures would be a start, as I found the experience disruptive. During the first midterm he started singing when the class started "Marksense, scrappaper, test" were the lyrics, repeated ad nauseum until the test had already been going on for several minutes. And started up again as people were handing tests in at the end, before the deadline. In a 50 minute class there was a decent chunk where the professor was profviding a distraction.It was not at all uncommon for him to take 15 minutes or so to actually get to course material because he was busy telling jokes or explaining to us the evils of microsoft and apple. No much a fan f any big corporations myself but I did not take a course to be evangelized to. Often he would get sidetracked with anecdotes and taking notes based on his lectures was ousually an exercise in futility as I would ony end up with 4 or 5 salient points, most of which were already in bullet points in the online instructions.

He would constantly exhort us to "READ ALL THE WORDS" in everything he wrote...yet would often pepper notes and labs with additional external links, snippets from his favourite webcomics and jokes. There's a time and a place for that. in the middle of the notes or lab instruction is not it.

The note design also often featured multiple recursive links that meant the single action of taking notes from this weeks new topics meant I had to have as many as 5 tabs open in my browser, making organization a hassle. Simply listing the information he wanted us to have, in order would have been much more user friendly.Also, as a result of his refusal to use seemingly any standard formst, I was required to download multiple programs whose only function is to be linux compatible versions of existing software so that I could read notes he made because he refuses to use word.

So as for how he could improve? A more serious attitude, better use of class time, less clowning around and a greater attention paid to making the course user friendly.

As a person to plan labs and function as a knowledge for students I've no doubt he would be exemplary. He knows the material inside and out. His ability to teach it leaves much to be desired.

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