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CST8207 18W Course Survey Report

 Winter 2018 - Student Course Feedback Survey
Algonquin College - Student Course Feedback Website  

  Responsible Faculty:  IAN ALLEN   Responses / Expected:   56 / 103 (54.37%) 
Focus: Overall Results
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The Course

CST8207 - 10
Q1Course learning activities (e.g lectures, discussions, practical work, group work, etc) are varied.3319022564.4
Q2Course learning activites are linked to the course learning requirements.3717110564.6
Q3All of the course learning requirements are covered in the course.3717101564.6
Responses: [SA] Strongly Agree=5 [A] Agree=4 [U] Undecided=3 [D] Disagree=2 [SD] Strongly Disagree.=1 
The Course

CST8207 - 10
Q4Overall, please rate the quality of this course3511820564.4
Responses: [E] Excellent=5 [VG] Very Good=4 [G] Good=3 [S] Satisfactory=2 [NS] Not Satisfactory=1 
Question:What did you like most about this course?
Response Rate:75.00%   (42 of 56)
2the lectures and learning a new OS
3the amazing thing about that course is the putty app . because of that we can reach to another person server.
4the Prof Lan
5professor was always ready to help us.
6learning new unix/linux commands
8ians personality and his teaching methods along with how impressive his website is with plentiful information on almost any topic relevant to linux, it must have took ages to compile all that precise information and make relevant examples and assignments. This course gives the freedom to explore how things work on linux and tinker around while he guides you in the right direction.
9feel free
10easy to understand
11Very interesting and creative
12Very interesting course material
13This course provided a lot of important information in a manageable way in the short amount of time I had to learn it.
14This course was highly interesting, even tho its level of complexity. I must say that I enjoyed the good, the bad, and the ugly part, always getting a sense of achievement every time I passed an assignment or something related that had to be done; kind of hard at times, but with passion, desire and by remembering to (READ ALL THE WORDS) All was possible :)
15This course seems tough for international students
16The way allen teach is excellent
17The teacher is amazing and he knows what he is talking about. if we had more teachers with his passion in this school it would be night and day.
18The professor was excellent. He taught the subject in such a way everyone could learn it, if they made some effort.
19The labs
20The interactive studies
21The best thing about this course is the professor
22Teaching style of ian.
25My bat**** crazy professor.

* Inappropriate words were found and removed from this response.

26Ian's teaching style was incredible he made Linux extremely fun and very interesting.
27Ian's teaching style
28Ian's clarity in his lectures and his personality
29Ian is vary passionate and active in teaching us. His teaching style is what I like the most in this course.
30Ian has brought a lot of energy and excitement to a potentially boring course.
31Ian Allen. He's the epitome of a good teacher. He's like a teacher out of a movie....Passionate, Dedicated, Incredibly intelligent, helpful....The list goes on!

I'll always remember to read all the words thanks to Ian. Without him as a teacher I would not be enthusiastic about linux, I definitely look forward to being a linux person moving forward. I wi22sh I WAS Ian Allen.

I'll miss his classes when we move on to linux 2....I hear his teaching style and method is not replicated in other courses. If this is so, then I doubt anyone will learn as much as we did in linux 1.

In all honesty, please keep Ian Allen around as long as possible, he's beyond a good teacher, he is......Dr. Linux.

32I really love Linux from core of my heart.
33I like the practical aspect of the course
34I like the way he teaches.
35I like the course commands like using of commands and permissions and it is very secure system.
36I enjoyed Ian Allens teaching style. I have never seen Linux before and he made it interesting
38Good professor. Has lots of knowledge and makes dry learning material entertaining with his sheer enthusiasm.
39Good amount of knowledge presented especially when we know nothing
40Assignments and the notes prepared by professor
42- Ian Allen

- The structure of the course was really thought out

Question:How could the course be improved to be of benefit to future students?
Response Rate:71.43%   (40 of 56)
1very hard course
2the course is good but have "Read all the words" included in the course name would make it
3please exempt this course
6more time for scripting
7make it a little more simple to learn commands
8less information.
9it is benefit to get job in android company whose system is totally base on linux
10everything is perfect
11don't push student to ask questions again and again
12To help the students not just say read the notes
13Though I understand the impractical nature of this request, perhaps rely less on standardized tests.
14The only improvement I would suggest is solving more papers
15The labs and class times should be earlier in the day. I would want the simple structure of lecture followed by the lab which is related to the lecture of that day. Instead of a lecture on Monday with a lab on Friday.

16The course could be improved to be of benefit to future students by keeping Ian Allen around to teach it forever.
17Syllabus and assignments should be small
18Read those letters.
19Perhaps if the professor provided printed handouts containing material occasionally
20Nothing, the course is at it's best right now and doesn't require any changes.
21Not much.
24More time to complete labs. More help. This teacher refuses to answer questions unless they are presented in his own made up format as he deems any questions from students as stupid wastes of time. No concept on how to help students learn. Tests are a joke. Students are penalized marks for answering stupid questions with no relevance to the information needed to pass the test. Students are mocked for mistakes as well as what software they use for certain tasks. Ian has an outrageous way of teaching but does little to help students pass. Its like he gets some sort of sick joy watching students struggle and fail instead of helping them. His knowledge is vast but if you care about your students i would find an educator that does as well. One class he brought out a fake knife threatening to fake stab himself as some sick joke to get us to answer questions. Highly unprofessional. Thats kind of a sick way to get your point across to students.
25More cool ascii art from Ian Allen.
26More Ian
27Many students stuck on the searching of commands of some assignments and it only gives the stress to the students. I think they should need some short and effective notes.
28Less trick questions
29Less load
30It should be very easy to put students out of the class when they keep disturbing the lecture (talking when not told to do so).
31It is already improved.
32Ian should provide small and effective notes instead of boring and big notes.
33I found the assignment very difficult. change the words so that its easier to understand. found it very trick to do.
34I believe that coursr Labs are not that important, instead if that time is given to practical assinfnments.
35Extend Due Dates..
36Everything is good nothing need to be improved.
37Assignments need to be streamlined and/or weighted differently to reflect the actual amount of work required to complete them.
38Assignments should be small
40- Put effort


 Winter 2018 - Student Course Feedback Survey
Algonquin College - Student Course Feedback Website  

  Responsible Faculty:  IAN ALLEN   Responses / Expected:   56 / 103 (54.37%) 
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The Professor

Q1Overall, please rate the effectiveness of your course professor3810520554.5
Responses: [E] Excellent=5 [VG] Very Good=4 [G] Good=3 [S] Satisfactory=2 [NS] Not Satisfactory=1 
Faculty:ALLEN, IAN
Question:What did you like most about the course professor?
Response Rate:78.57%   (44 of 56)
1the professor is very friendly with the students.
2teaching skills
3professor is awesome
4professor was always ready to help us.
6i like the way of teaching of ian like he creates some interest in the class.
7his very actvive
8his teaching style and methods and his database of information on linux, he guides you through concepts but he also allows you to go freely and figure out why things are done the way they are and then he teaches off that and that helps me learn personally but may not help a student with a different learning type.
9his method of teaching
10his dress sense is so good
11he kept asking people if they need help
13Very passionate, really wants the students to do well in the class. Linux is an inherently dry topic but is made interesting by the professors personality. Bonus assignments are nice addition to the course and good way to make up lost marks.
14Very energetic , passionate about linux
15Very eager to answer questions and wants his students to succeed as long as they do. He wants everyone in hos class to be prepared....They are out to get you!
16Very amazing person, funny and sweet
17Very active, and ask for questions by himself
18The way he teaches.
19The way he teaches and helps in any situation regarding the study.
20The dramatic acting and the mantras (such as read all the words)
21The content is taught to you in a way that will make you remember everything about it and whats going on. If you ask questions he will break his back to help you. If there is one thing you remember in your time at Algonquin it is Ian and how much of a great teacher he is.
22Please see above. He is the best teacher I've ever had, made Linux interesting, engaging, and most importantly, fun.

I came into this course as a windows person and leave as a linux person!

Read All The Words!

23Nothing Ian is a very intelligent, funny caring professor who does nothing more but to help and guarantee the success of all his students
24Ian's personality and his creative original assignments
25Ian was awesome. The dude knows his stuff. He obviously cares about the material and presents it in an engaging and efficient way. I had a lot of fun learning from him.
26Ian is vary passionate and active in teaching us. His teaching style is what I like the most in this course.
27Ian Allen made Linux interesting. Although I was not very strong in this course, he was always helpful when needed.

28I particularly enjoyed this course at every level, even when things were getting scarily complicated. Ian teaching's technique is phenomenal, his unique positive, fun and energetic personality take his classes to another level. In addition to that, he is always focusing on details, helping others and putting all his efforts in order to make everyone succeed. Ian thanks for everything and hopefully will have the opportunity to have you as a professor on next levels. I promise next time I will be punctual :)
29I like the nature of professor. He creates interest in study and he is very funny.
30I like his dressing style
31His teaching method is very effective, and he's very detailed with his course notes that he provides.
32His passion
33His knowledge
34His friendly approach 
35His extremely funny and very helpful. His always willing to help and provide assistance when we needed it
36His enthusiasm for Linux. He really likes Linux. A lot.
38He knows the subject. He can explain everything you need to know in a way anyone can understand.
39He creates fun in classes.
40He can be serious when he wants to be
43Allen is interesting guy. Never wanted to miss his lectures.
44-Extremely enthusiastic and makes class interesting

-Animated teacher retain attention for the class

-Cares about his students and encourages us by providing constructive positive feedback (How you doing linux people) always making sure everything is going well.

- One of the best teachers I've had in terms of furthering our education and keeping us interested when teaching

Faculty:ALLEN, IAN
Question:What, if anything, could the professor do differently to be of benefit to future students?
Response Rate:58.93%   (33 of 56)
1the only thing would be those who talk completely off topic at the back of the class during lectures, its somewhat hard to learn if you cant hear so more or less have a penalty if you get called out personally 2-3 times like a 10% taken away from your next midterm or final would get people to focus more and not disrupt the class, on one hand people who are on topic for example talking to their classmate beside them about a question ian is going to do on the board and try and figure out the answer before he goes through it, now punishing that student would be a bad idea because collaborating ( which is the only real collaboration in this course, helping others understand concepts) would put behind a student when they can quickly understand why the answer is what it is and realize what they did wrong as ian explains it
3nothing different
4not wear socks with sandals.
5he should give some short and effective notes to the students which cover important points instead of long and boring notes.
6he provide practise test and be with the student at every time and stage
7he is perfect
8he gives too much redundant material. too much information to be follow which waste most of our time
9during labs provide more tutorial to better understand the assignments because the assignment are so hard to do. simplify the assignment in order for us to be able to get through it easily. as we need to spend more time on our studies.
10Use the grading system in blackboard/new system so student can know their grade a bit better.
11The professor could be more approachable. I felt intimidated to ask questions sometimes.

12Say "Read all the words" more.
13Read all the words
14Professor should teach slowly.
15Nothing, only thing i would change is how little we get to utilize him.
16Nothing at the moment.
17Nothing at all
18No change
19Myself and other students I have spoken to have spent well over 10 hours on several individual assignments and were still unable to complete them. For reference, in 10 hours I could typically complete 4 labs or assignments in my other courses.
20More Linux Raps!

21Make Ian teach every class in this school or have him a give courses to all the teachers on effective ways to teach.
22Ian benefits the success of his students enough already. He's an excellent professor who is really thorough in his teaching and wants nothing more than his students to pass and succeed.
23I believe this professor has the necessary attributes and requirements that are needed in order to give the best output possible. His long career experience, BA in psychology and other skills give him the necessary tools in order to benefit many of future students.
24I believe he has everything for student to succeed.
25Help the students in class not just in the labs..
26He should answer the questions asked by students in the lab class.
27He did a very good job. I can't think of much he could have done better.
28Get written permission from the college to put disturbing students out of the class with ease.
29Extend due dates of Assignments.
30Everything i stated above. As a professional he knows his stuff. As an educator he cares more about 6 figures than actually helping students learn anything useful
31Everything is good nothing need to be improved.
32East or West Ian is the best.
33- Nothing

- One thing I would note is to keep teachers like him around