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2003-10-04 02:52

News and Discussion

Course announcements are posted in the Course Announcements news group.  Be sure to read it every few days.  (Do not post or reply to the Announcements news group; post to the discussion news group.)

First Time User?  Permission Denied?

If you are new to online news groups, or if you are having problems reading or posting to the news groups, select here.  Permission denied?  Use the same link.

Where do I post test articles?

To experiment with posting and cancelling news articles, use the Testing/Practice news group in the table below.  (Don't post test messages to regular news groups!  Use the test news group.)

WWW Gate or NNTP?

I recommend you learn to use the NNTP News interface, with Options set to "See only new/unread messages".  Learn how to post and cancel your articles by practicing in the Test news group.

Read the Course Announcements to keep up-to-date on course news.  (Do not post to the Announcements news group.  Post your replies in the Discussion news group.)

If you have questions or comments about the course, post them to the Course Discussion news group. 

To chat with other Algonquin students about non-course issues, post to the Algonquin Student Discussion news group.  Questions about Linux can go in the Linux Users group.

DAT2330 Course Announcements Only
WWW Gate
DAT2330 Student Discussion Group
 Questions, Answers, Comments, and Discussion
WWW Gate
Algonquin Linux Users
WWW Gate
Algonquin Student Discussion
WWW Gate
Testing/Practice News Group (try it here first)
WWW Gate

There are about two hundred more news groups available that are not listed above.  Choose "Subscribe" in your news reader to see the full list; or, browse the list (read-only) via the WWW Gate interface.

The Computer Studies Course News Server gets its news feed courtesy of the National Capital FreeNet, a non-profit community network supported by member donations.  NCF volunteer Ian! Allen supports the service for Algonquin.  FreeNet members have access to a central Usenet news server with tens of thousands of global and local news groups.  The CS Course News Server receives only a very tiny fraction of the full NCF news feed.  Become an NCF member to gain access to the rest!

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