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DAT2343 Weekly Schedule
Section 521 (evening)
Summer 2000

This schedule is approximate.  It will be subject to modifications due to rescheduled classes and overall course pace.

 Week 1

May 9-11

Course Introduction
Components of Computer Systems
Von Neumann Model - Stored Program Concept
Logic Gates and Circuits; Selectors; Opcode decoding
Week 2

May 16-18

Circuits made of Logic Gates
Bits and number of different patterns possible
Binary Encodings
Bit Operations: AND, OR, XOR, complement, rotate
Week 3

May 23-25

Unsigned Binary Arithmetic; Zero & Carry Flags
2's Complement Arithmetic; Sign & Overflow Flags
Hexadecimal Notation; Conversions to/from other bases
Sign/Magnitude & Excess-127 notation
IEEE Floating Point Format; Normalization
ASCII & EBCDIC Character Sets; punch card history
Week 4

May 30
June 1

Review of Arithmetic, Float, Hexadecimal
ASCII File Format; Line End characters
EBCDIC File Format; Record Length, Padding
Zoned Decimal & Packed Decimal Numeric Formats
Introduction to MS-DOS DEBUG for decoding files
Assign Project 1 - Decoding Numeric Formats
Introduction to Little Man Computer (LMC):
    Memory, Registers, Instruction Cycle
Week 5

June 6-8

    Instruction Set; Input/Output; Branching; Condition codes
    Machine language programming
    Assembly language (mnemonic) programming
    Representation of high-level language program statements
    Translating pseudo-code into assembler
Week 6

June 13-15

Project 1 due: via Web noon Tuesday June 13
    Representation of control flow statements (IF, WHILE)
    Translation of Sample Programs
    LMC Simulator
    Assign Project 2 - LMC Programming Assignment
Week 7

June 20-22

    Function/Subroutine Call & Return
    An LMC Boot Loader
    Object File requirements; Linking; Relocation
    Symbol Tables
    Link-time and Run-time libraries
IBM PC DOS (1MB) Architecture
Week 8

June 27-29

Project 2 due: in class Tuesday June 27
IBM PC DOS (1MB) Architecture
    Segment/Offset Addressing
    Basic Instruction Set; Machine Level Instructions
    Registers; Addressing Modes; Indirection
    Instruction Cycle for a General Purpose Computer
    COM format vs. EXE format
    IBM PC Assemblers and Linkers
    Introduction to MS-DOS DEBUG for debugging programs
Week 9

July 4-6

Midterm Test - July 4 - Weeks 1-7
Course Withdrawal date: July 5
IBM PC DOS (1MB) Architecture
    Representation of high-level language program statements
    Compiler Processing (sample GCC output)
    Software Interrupt Vectors
    Common DOS Software Interrupt Services - INT 21h
    Assign Project 3 - IBM PC Assembler Programming
Week 10

July 11-13

To be scheduled: Make-up class for Final Exam Review
IBM PC DOS (1MB) Architecture
    Programming: Push/Pop; Call/Return; Interrupt/IRET
    Sample IBM PC Assembler Programs
Week 11

July 18-20

Project 3 due: in class Tuesday July 18
Disk File Storage
    Logical Files
    Disk Media; Cylinder/Head/Sector; Platters, Comb, Heads, Arm
    Physical File Storage; FAT12, FAT16, FAT32
    Boot Sector
    Directory Structures
    Introduction to MS-DOS DEBUG for examining disk sectors
    Assign Project 4 - Decode IBM PC Diskette
Week 12

July 25-27

The General Computer Model:
    Components, Registers, Control/Data/Address buses
Input and Output:
    Port I/O, DMA I/O
    Interrupts vs. Polled I/O
Modern Computer Systems
    Bank Switching
    Virtual Memory (Paging, DAT)
Week 13

August 1-2

Project 4 due: in class Tuesday August 1
August 1:
Last Class; Catch-Up and Review

Final Exam - Wednesday (!) August 2 - 8:30pm (!)
The final exam covers the whole course, with emphasis on the
material not already assessed on the Midterm Test.


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