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2003-09-23 11:44

Final Exam - Fall 2001

This is a list of topics that may be covered on the Final Exam, with each topic followed by a partial list of homework questions and/or Web pages that are related to the topic.  This list is not completely exhaustive; it merely indicates that the given topics are candidates for being on the exam. 

  1. Basic Hexadecimal and Binary arithmetic and conversions; effects of arithmetic on the four Standard Flags
    - Set B

  2. Interpretation of Bit patterns: Hexadecimal, unsigned binary to decimal, sign+magnitude, excess-127, two's complement, ASCII, EBCDIC
    - Set B and C

  3. The General Computer and/or Intel Instruction Cycle (not the LMC cycle!)
    - F1,2,9,12,13,15
    - Web "The General Computer Model", trace.htm link on bottom of Web "IBM PC Architecture III"

  4. Basic Intel Machine Architecture, Segment/Offset Addressing, and Registers, Real Addresses, address aliases
    - F3,F8,G1,2,4,5

  5. Simple Intel Assembler Programming, including ASM syntax for a .COM format program
    - G13,15,17
    - *.asm examples on Web
    - Project 3
    - Web "MASM Progamming I" (basic .COM format and syntax)

  6. .com vs. .exe program structure differences
    - G17
    - Web "MASM Programming I"
    - ".com vs. .exe" summary web page

  7. Interrupt (INT) execution and tracing on Intel hardware
    - F19,21,22, G4,5
    - Web "Interrupts"
    - Web "IBM PC Architecture III" (and links on page bottom)

  8. Intel DEBUG DUMP analysis (program execution tracing)
    - D1,2,3,4, Web "IBM PC Architecture III" (and links on page bottom)

  9. Disk DUMP Analysis: Boot Sector, Clusters, Directory entries, Attributes, C/H/S, FAT, inodes
    - Project 4
    - H2,3,4,5,6

  10. Bank-switched memory and Virtual Memory
    - I1,2,3

There is no LMC programming on the final exam.  There are no floating-point questions.  Questions relating to the Boot Sector or to DOS Directory entries will have a table of offsets provided on the exam - you don't have to memorize where all the bits lie.  No formulas are provided; you must remember them.

Calculators are permitted during the final exam; but, phones, pagers, and hats are not.  (I'm not making this up.)


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