Office Hours, Class Schedule, and Timetable

Ian! D. Allen

Winter (January-April) 2005

Updated: January 1, 2005 and valid until: April 6, 2005

Consultation - online, various times day or night, by course news groups.
Office hours - between or after classes, by appointment: 

Contact Information

Algonquin College, Woodroffe Campus, SAT (Building "T"), Room WT-313 desk 3
EMail: I forward mail from all my email addresses (even Algonquin College) to my home computer and read it there, so it doesn't really matter what address you use.  The route is usually fastest.
(send email instead!) 727-4723 ext. 7075 (send email instead!)
Teaching Home Page:
Personal Home Page:

How to arrange an office appointment with me:

Select two or three times during the week that you are free and I am free:

  1. I prefer times that lie between classes or a short time after my classes
  2. Avoid picking times many hours after my last class of the day
  3. Avoid picking times after 5pm
  4. Strongly avoid picking times before 10am
  5. Very strongly avoid picking times on days that I have no classes

Send me the list of suggested times.
I will pick one of the suggested times and confirm with you by email.


BIT/NET students please note that Algonquin classes are scheduled using Algonquin rules - they start on the hour and end ten minutes before the hour. (Some Carleton web pages incorrectly show the classes starting and ending using Carleton rules.) The times below are correct; ignore the Carleton timetables.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday  
08:00           08:00
09:00 Preparation         09:00
10:00 NET 2003
WT 111
11:00 NET 2003
  Preparation     11:00
12:00 Lunch   NET 2003
WT 327
13:00 NET 2003
WT 111
  NET 2003
14:00 NET 2003
15:00           15:00
16:00           16:00
17:00           17:00
18:00           18:00
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday  

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