CST8177: Linux Operating System II

Useful (mostly) material

Midterm 1: Wed Oct 17 9:00

Midterm 2: Wed Nov 14 9:00



Sample Examination Cover Page    (.zip)

60 or so Linux commands

Using the vi editor

Airlines of the Computer Industry

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Students (.pdf)

Logical Problem Solving

Multiple-Guess Test Sample

Official Course Outline (.pdf)

Academic Dishonesty (.pdf)

Lecture Overhead Summaries

File and Script Samples

Each .zip file contains both an odp and a ppt version of the lecture.
Some lectures will refer to sample files and scripts at the link above.

1 Introduction    (.zip)

2 Review    (.zip)

3 Files and stuff    (.zip)

3a File Systems    (.zip)

4 Regular Expressions    (.zip)

5 Process Management    (.zip)

6 Boot Process    (.zip)

7 Services    (.zip)



8 Scripts: Why    (.zip)

9 Scripts: What    (.zip)

10 Scripts: How    (.zip)

11 Scripts: Basics    (.zip)

12 Scripts: Controls    (.zip)




13 Scripts: Arrays    (.zip)

14 Script Functions    (.zip)

15 sed: stream editor    (.zip)

16 Intro to awk    (.zip)


Submission Standards

Each .zip file contains both an odt and a doc version of the assignment.

1 Access Control   (.zip)

Due: 12:00 noon Friday 12 October 2012

2 System Admin   (.zip)

Due: 12:00 noon Friday 2 November 2012

3 Script   (.zip)

Due: 12:00 noon Friday 7 December 2012


Labs are due by the end of your next lab period. That is, Lab 2 must be demoed in Week 3.
Make sure your lab instructor will have enough time to complete your demo - ask early.

Each .zip file contains both an odt and a doc version of the lab.

Lab Attendance form (.zip)

Lab 1: Installation    (.zip)

Lab 2: Review 1    (.zip)

Lab 3: Review 2    (.zip)

Lab 4: Shell and Globs    (.zip)

Lab 5: Regex    (.zip)

Lab 6: Process Mgmt    (.zip)

Show your lab book to your lab instructor (a check, not for marking)

Lab 7: Services    (.zip)

Lab 8: homebak    (.zip)

Lab 9: lnuf    (.zip)

Lab 10: sourceit    (.zip)

Lab 11: spw    (.zip)

Lab 12: headers    (.zip)

Show your completed lab book to your lab instructor for marking at or before your last lab.

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