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2.2 From the Classroom Whiteboard/Chalkboard Index up to index

2.2.1 Topic: Fun and You Index up to index

2.2.2 Topic: more Commands Index up to index

2.2.3 Topics: Shell Features Index up to index

  • Shell Standard Input, Output, Error - Redirection
    • I/O to and from programs using | (pipes)
  • Questions
    • What are the Rules for Pipes? See Unix Shell I/O Redirection (including Pipes)
    • extracting just field 3 from every line:  awk '{print $3}' [files...]
    • extracting just the LAST field from every line:  awk '{print $NF}' [files...]
    • examples using real authorization log http://ian.idallen.ca/auth.log
      • first and last lines
      • only sshd lines
      • count of sshd lines
      • first and last sshd lines
      • refused sshd lines (attempted attacks)
      • count of refused sshd lines (attacks)
      • IP addresses of most attacks (see “3.3 Examples of pipes” in the above Redirection link for the full pipeline)

2.2.4 Topic: The VIM (and VI) editor Index up to index

2.2.5 Topic: Modes and Permissions Index up to index

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