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1 Tests and Exams Index up to index

2 Lecture Notes for This Week Index up to index

2.2 From the Classroom Whiteboard/Chalkboard Index up to index

2.2.1 Topic: studying the material Index up to index

2.2.2 Topic: more Commands Index up to index

2.2.3 Topics: Shell Features Index up to index

2.2.4 Topic: Modes and Permissions Index up to index

  • needed for Lab #06 - Linux File System Permissions (modes)

  • Unix Modes and Permissions
    • chmod u=rwx,g=rx,o=r or chmod 754
    • chmod u+x,g-r,o-rwx - cannot be done using octal permissions
    • cd foo ; ls . vs. ls foo
    • minimum permissions to read, copy, move, modify
  • Umask and Permissions
    • a mask is not a subtraction, e.g. 666 masked with 001 is 666

2.2.5 Topic: Learning the material (for a test or job interview) Index up to index

  • review your mistakes on the first midterm test
  • review the commands used in each lab and their common options
  • review the way the commands are used in each lab 1 through 6
  • review how the shell works: GLOB, redirection, quotes
    • pipes first, then redirection
    • rules for redirection, rules for pipes
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