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1 Readings, Assignments, Labs, and ToDoIndexup to index

1.1 Assignments this weekIndexup to index

Check the due date for each assignment and put a reminder in your agenda, calendar, and digital assistant.

1.2 Lab work this weekIndexup to index

1.3 Errors in submitted assignment01.txtIndexup to index

As of 9pm Sunday September 15, the following students have not Read All The Words in Assignment 1 and will not be getting marks:

Bad file name: part 2.txt
Bad file name: assignment 01.txt
Bad file name: CST8207 Assignment 01 Xxxxxxx.txt
Bad file name: Assignment01.txt
Bad file name: assignment01XxxxxXxxxxxxx.txt
Assignment(s) uploaded without file attachment
Bad file name: assignment01.txt.txt
Text found in Blackboard comments box (ignored)
Bad file name: assignment 01.txt
Bad file name: assignment01.txt.txt
Bad file name: xxxxxxxx_assignment01.txt
Bad file name: Assignment01.txt

Go to your assignment upload area and check your file name!

Here are the class errors for Assignment 1 (140 students):

  1 BAD_FILE_TYPE: file Assignment 1 (part II as instructed).rtf is incorrect type Rich Text Format data, version 1, ANSI text/rtf
  1 BAD_NAME: file uploaded with incorrect name 'Assignment 1 (part II as instructed).rtf'
  3 BAD_NAME: file uploaded with incorrect name 'Assignment01.txt'
  1 BAD_NAME: file uploaded with incorrect name 'assignment 01.txt'
  3 BAD_NAME: file uploaded with incorrect name 'assignment01.txt.txt'
  1 BAD_NAME: file uploaded with incorrect name 'linux assignment 1.txt'
  1 BAD_NAME: file uploaded with incorrect name 'part 2.txt'
  1 COMMENT_BOX_IGNORED: do not upload Blackboard comments
 10 LATE: file uploaded after due date 2013-09-16 08:01
 16 NOT_FOUND: no assignment file uploaded before 2013-09-17 14:17
 41 WRONG_NUMBERING: You did not number each of your three answers correctly

3 From the Classroom Whiteboard/ChalkboardIndexup to index

4 Real Sysadmin WorkIndexup to index

Use open source software in preference to proprietary or closed source alternatives, in particular for operating systems, networking software, Web servers, databases and programming languages.

Problems which are rare, or specific to a domain may be best answered by using software as a service, or by installing proprietary software. In such cases, take care to mitigate the risk of lock-in to a single supplier by ensuring open standards are available for interfaces.

For unique needs and common problems which have yet to be solved well elsewhere, develop software by coding in the open and publish under an open source licence.



 Read All The Words

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