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Winter (JanuaryApril) 2015

Ian! D. Allen
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Important Dates for CST8207 Students

2015-01-05 – Week 1 – Monday January 5 08h00 to 13h00 – Level 1 Orientation (no Level 1 classes)
2015-01-05 – Week 1 – Monday January 5 – Level 1 classes start after 13h00
2015-02-12 – Week 6 – Thursday February 12 08:00AM – in-class Midterm #1 of 2 (10%)
2015-02-16 – Week 6.5 – Monday February 16 – Family Day (College closed)
2015-02-16 – Week 6.5 – Monday February 16 – Study Break Week (no classes Monday-Friday)
2015-03-12 – Week 9 – Thursday March 12 08:00AM – in-class Midterm #2 of 2 (15%)
2015-03-20 – Week 10 – Friday March 20 – final withdrawal date
2015-04-03 – Week 12 – Friday April 3 – Good Friday (College closed)
2015-04-18 – Week 15 – Algonquin Final Assessment Week (Exams end 2015-04-25)
2015-04-21 – Week 15 – Tuesday April 21 11h00 (11am to 2pm) – C144 – Final exam (30%)

See also the "Academic Calendar" on the Algonquin Registrar Office Page.

Alternate Web Notes

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Web notes for this course are kept at multiple sites, including some broken web sites at Algonquin College. I pay for the notes to be stored on commercial Linux-based web hosting services, with backup copies located in various locations.

Write down the locations of the web notes and their backup copies from the list below. (You won't be able to get to this page if the main web site is down!)

  1. http://teaching.idallen.com/cst8207/15w/    (main .com site)
    The main dot .com site is located in a large data centre in Troy, Michigan, USA.
  2. http://teaching.idallen.org/cst8207/15w/    (note the dot .org domain suffix!)
    The .org site is located in a large data centre in New York.
  3. http://elearning.algonquincollege.com/coursemat/alleni/idallen/cst8207/15w/     (on campus)
    The ELEARNING site is accessible from inside Algonquin College even when the College Internet is broken. Unfortunately, the web server on ELEARNING is not configured correctly to run CGI scripts and it will not serve up the directory index files correctly. (See this note.) You can read the Class Notes by appending /notes/ to the above URL.

Ottawa/Gatineau Linux Resources

A System Administrator – XKCD

Sysadmin devotion to duty

Most people don't even know what sysadmins do, but trust me, if they all took a lunch break at the same time they wouldn't make it to the deli before you ran out of bullets protecting your canned goods from roving bands of mutants. Programming Sucks

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