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1 Readings, Assignments, Labs, Tests, and ToDoIndexup to index

1.1 Read (at least) these things (All The Words)Indexup to index

  1. Week 02 Notes HTML – this file – Read All The Words
  2. Remote Login – using networks to connect to other computers
  3. Course Linux Server – a Linux computer accessible on the network by Remote Login
  4. File Transfer – File transfer to/from Unix/Linux machines
  5. The Unix/Linux Shell – using the shell command line in Linux
  6. Command Arguments and Options
  7. Finding Help in Manual Pages – RTFM
  8. File System and Pathnames – ROOT, absolute, relative, dot, dot dot
  9. Directories: ROOT, /root, HOME, /home, and current
  10. List of Commands You Should Know
  11. Linux and Sysadmin News in the World

1.2 Assignments this weekIndexup to index

Check the due date for each assignment and put a reminder in your agenda, calendar, and digital assistant. Just like in the Real World, not all due dates are on the same days or at the same times.

1.3 Lab work this weekIndexup to index

1.3.1 WorksheetsIndexup to index

Worksheets are preparation for your assignments. You can’t do the assignments without having done the worksheets first, and you can’t do the worksheets without having first read the Course Notes: 1. Read. 2. Worksheet. 3. Assignment.

Form a small study group to do the worksheets. Each person tries the example given, and you make sure you all get the same answers. Worksheets are not for hand-in; they are not worth marks; the assignments test your knowledge of the lectures and worksheets.

The worksheets are available in four formats: Open Office (ODT), PDF, HTML, and Text. Only the Open Office format allows you “fill in the blanks” in the worksheet. The PDF format looks good but doesn’t allow you to type into the blanks in the worksheet. The HTML format is crude but useful for quick for viewing online.

Do NOT open the Worksheet ODT files using any Microsoft products; they will mangle the format and mis-number the questions. Use the free Libre Office or Open Office programs to open these ODT documents. On campus, you can download Libre Office here.

These first two worksheets require you to have read File System and Pathnames:

Worksheets prepare you for the upcoming assignments.

1.4 Locked out of the Course Linux ServerIndexup to index

This student did not Read All The Words about login userid and password and got his IP address locked out of the server Sunday evening:

Sep 11 17:49:32 Invalid user [D from
Sep 11 17:50:27 Failed password for invalid user [D from
Sep 11 18:42:28 Invalid user 040999999 from
Sep 11 18:42:50 Failed password for invalid user 040999999 from
Sep 11 18:43:36 Failed password for invalid user 040999999 from
Sep 11 18:44:33 Invalid user 040999999 from
Sep 11 18:45:06 refused connect from xxx.dsl.bell.ca (

When you are locked out, follow the directions in the notes to get your IP address re-enabled.

1.5 Assignment #1: Read All The WordsIndexup to index

Please Read All The Words.

2 Notes from the ClassroomIndexup to index

Take Notes in Class

Take Notes in Class

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