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WB01601_.gif (1010 bytes)  Using Web Tools: CGI, HTML, and Perl

This course is designed for people with basic Perl script programming knowledge. Advancing your knowledge of the Perl scripting language, you will develop an understanding of HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and interactive CGI-supported Web pages.

Course Information


8 weeks, 13 hours per week (104 hours)


3 hours lecture (professor)
3 hours lab (professor)
7 hours group work (instructor)


Unix: Sun Solaris, Linux (Intel platform)
Microsoft Windows: Intel platform


To succeed in this course, you must already be able to:

Understand basic programming language constructs: variables, looping, branching, conditional statements, etc.
Write basic Perl programs and shell scripts in the Unix and Windows environments.

Course Learning Objectives

After this course, you will have acquired the following skills:

Basic Skills:

Find and use tools to generate HTML documents and templates
Use the full power of Perl as a programming language

Common Gateway Interface (CGI) Skills:

Understand the basics of Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
Understand the utility and capabilities of CGI programs
Know how clients and servers interact
Pass parameters and data between client and server
Write CGI programs
Retrieving parameters, sending forms, maintaining state between forms

Hyper-Text Markup Language (HTML) Skills:

Understand the basic syntax and layout of an HTML document
Use tools to generate documents
Customize page layout
Use frames, tables
Create HTML forms

Perl Programming Skills:

Variables: scalars, arrays, hashes, quoting
Flow Control: while loop, for loop, for loop with lists, if statement, statement modifiers
Operators: PERL operator table, increment, decrement, mathematically styled operators, named operators, relational operators, etc.
Subroutines: creating subroutines, parameter passing, fixing name space pollution, the local operator, the shift operator, return values, subroutine declarations and calling syntax
Regular Expressions: standard regular expressions, PERL regular expressions, additional special escapes, regular expression operators, patterns with variable syntax, the substitution operator, using $_