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Phone Button #0 (Operator)  Using and Operating the UNIX Operating System

This course is designed to familiarize users with the features and capabilities of the Unix operating system. In addition to basic user-level skills, the course touches on essential privileged functions used by system administrators.

Designed for users and administrators who interact directly with Unix, it is also suitable for managers or professionals who need a basic understanding of what Unix offers.

Course Information


9 weeks, 15 hours per week (135 hours)

Weekly (approximate):

10 hours lecture (professor)
5 hours lab / group work (instructor)


Unix: Sun Solaris, Linux (Intel platform)  linux_online.gif (3137 bytes)


To succeed in this course, you must already be able to:

Understand the basics of using files on some computer
Run and use applications on some computer

Course Learning Objectives

After this course, you will have acquired the following skills:

Basic Skills

Login / Logout
Work in a multi-user, networked environment
Navigate among files and directories
Use basic tools to manipulate files and directories
Create and edit ASCII text files using Unix Text Editors
Use simple searching, sorting, reporting tools
Know basic Unix operating system commands and utilities
Send electronic mail (EMail)
Know how to find things (including online help)

Shell Skills

Understand environment variables, command search path
Perform input/output redirection
Use aliases and shell command history
Write basic shell scripts

File System Skills

Understand Unix file system structure and organization
Create and modify directory hierarchies
Make symbolic links to files and directories
Enforce data security, file and directory permissions

Unix Windowing Skills

Understand a multi-user, multi-system Windowing environment
Learn the Common Desktop Environment tools: mailtool, calendar, file manager, print manager, etc.
Learn other X Windows tools: xterm, xload, etc.

Network Skills

Connect to the network
Enable access permissions
Move files and directories among machines
Connect other systems to Unix over the Internet

Administration Skills

Understand basic client-server architecture
Set up the machine: Domain Name Service, network, etc.
Create new accounts
Install new software
Set access permissions
Back up data
Configure electronic mail (EMail)
Automate task scheduling (cron)
Clean house
Analyse basic system performance
Protect against network/Internet attack