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1 Readings, Assignments, Labs, and ToDoIndexup to index

1.1 Assignments this weekIndexup to index

Check the due date for each assignment and put a reminder in your agenda, calendar, and digital assistant.

1.2 Lab work this weekIndexup to index

2 Midterm Test #2 - Week 10 - Monday November 4 - 25%Indexup to index

2.1 Learning the MaterialIndexup to index

2.2 Midterm Test #2 AnalysisIndexup to index

It took me an hour to prepare your midterm test for marking because 30 students out of 113 did not follow the Test Instructions:

 18 did not fill in correct test version numbers
 10 did not put correct lab section number on question sheet
  6 did not spell own name correctly on mark sense form
  2 did not put last name on question sheet
  2 did not put any name on question sheet
  1 did not fill in the answer bubbles beyond #5

98.1 96.2 96.2 96.2 96.2 96.2 96.2 96.2 96.2 94.2 94.2 94.2 94.2 92.3 92.3 92.3 92.3 92.3 92.3 92.3 92.3 91.4 90.4 90.4 90.4 90.4 90.4 90.4 88.5 88.5 88.5 88.5 86.8 86.5 86.5 84.6 83.9 83.9 82.7 82.7 82.7 82.7 82.7 82.7 82.1 80.8 80.8 78.8 78.8 78.8 78.8 78.8 77.7 76.9 76.5 75 73.1 73.1 72.8 71.2 69.2 69.2 69.2 67.3 67.3 67.3 65.4 65.4 65.4 65.4 63.4 61.5 59.6 57.8 54.1 51.9 50.4 50 50 48.8 48.1 46.2 46.2 44.2 41.4 40.4 40.4 39.8 39.2 36.8 36.5 34.6 34.6 34.6 33.6 32.7 32.5 28.8 28.8 27.1 25.8 25.3 25.3 25.3 25 23.5 23.1 23.1 22.4 21.2 18.6 16.3 14

90% - 100%  28  ****************************
80% -  90%  19  *******************  
70% -  80%  13  *************        
60% -  70%  13  *************        
50% -  60%   6  ******               
40% -  50%   9  *********            
30% -  40%   9  *********            
20% -  30%  13  *************        
10% -  20%   3  ***                  
 0% -  10%   0

4 From the Classroom Whiteboard/ChalkboardIndexup to index

5 Preliminary CentOS checkingIndexup to index

The CentOS checking program is still being written. Here’s what you can do so far:

On the CLS, create your assignment07 directory in the usual place. Then log in to your CenOS machine (as root) and run these three commands on your CentOS machine, replacing abcd0001 with your own CLS userid in the third one:

# cd /tmp
# curl -A mozilla http://teaching.idallen.com/cst8207/13f/notes/data/assignment07do.sh >do.sh
  % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current
                                 Dload  Upload   Total   Spent    Left  Speed
112   560  112   560    0     0   9433      0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:-- 1931
# USER=abcd0001 sh do.sh

abcd0001: FETCH version 2.  Connecting to CLS as USER='abcd0001' using ssh
abcd0001: Use local Algonquin IP cst8207-alg.idallen.ca [y/N]? y
abcd0001: Please wait; using ssh to connect to user 'abcd0001' on cst8207-alg.idallen.ca ...
abcd0001@cst8207-alg.idallen.ca's password:
idallen-ubuntu assignment07fetch_server.sh version 4 run by abcd0001.
Please wait; collecting info from abcd0001 Virtual Machine
VM files collected into CST8207-13F/Assignments/assignment07/abcd0001.tar.bz on CLS.
Now running checking program for abcd0001 on CLS:

check: idallen-ubuntu Fri Oct 18 12:48:40 2013
check: CST8207 assignment07 check program version 37

*** Checking account for abcd0001 on idallen-ubuntu ***
     Going into HOME directory /home/abcd0001 on idallen-ubuntu
      GOOD(2): Found correct 'source' statement in .bash_profile
      GOOD(2): Found non-interactive return first line in .bashrc
      GOOD(1): Found PS1= line in .bashrc
     Going into directory CST8207-13F/Assignments/assignment07 on idallen-ubuntu

*** 4.? CLS: Set Up Tasks in assignment07 on idallen-ubuntu ***

     On idallen-ubuntu: Using abcd0001.tar.bz dated Fri Oct 18 12:48:40 2013
     Checking 'abcd0001.tar.bz' version 4 created Fri Oct 18 12:48:40 EDT 2013

*** 4.? CentOS 6.4 Installation Verify ***
      GOOD(2): Found correct hostname
      NOTE: Found correct kernel running
      GOOD(2): Found correct number of RPM packages (201)
      GOOD(2): Found correct memory size
      GOOD(2): Found correct Toronto time zone

*** 4.? CentOS 6.4: Grub menu and time-out ***
      GOOD(2): Found correct time out line in CentOS 6.4 grub.conf
      GOOD(2): Found correct hidden menu line in CentOS 6.4 grub.conf

*** All Done ***
     WARNING: Cannot find submission file 'assignment07.txt' on CLS


6 Real Sysadmin WorkIndexup to index

6.1 How Not To Recruit for LinuxIndexup to index

6.2 Awesome License PlateIndexup to index

Bye Bye Data

Bye Bye Data

6.3 Locally Authored Linux Security DocumentIndexup to index

Mike Gifford runs OpenConcept Consulting here in town: “Open source web development for social change”. He works with Drupal, an open source web content management system (CMS).

He wrote:

We’ve been working on a best practices document for Drupal security that is geared specifically at government clients. […] We wrote this for a federal government department in town that had their site compromised earlier in the year. Figured it was a good time to write up a general document to help guide folks in the public sector. Security is certainly a complex issue, and most government departments just don’t seem to get it. For instance CSEC provides security information for Windows 2003, but not Windows 2008.

We are releasing this document because we believe that most government departments simply do not have the resources to put into properly setting up and maintaining the security of their servers. Our hope is that we will be able to build a community of people behind this process who can help build on and maintain a set of best practices. I’m also hoping that it helps to reach up into management a bit and be more approachable for folks who already with IT security.

I do hope that folks […] heard the recent court case with the 12 year old boy who is on trial for hacking into government computer systems in 3 different jurisdictions. To some extent that’s a reflection the rise of hacker culture on the Internet, but it should also be an indication of how far government security practices have fallen short. If a kid can hack away at government sites for fun, and get away with this much information, what are more politically or crime motivated hackers capable of? There is far too much security theatre and not enough collaboration within government about how to raise the lowest common denominator for security. I’ve blogged about this here:


We’ve released the initial security guide here for review here (we are asking for people to submit their name & email so that we can track who is making use of this PDF):


We’d like to get feedback on this document, and our hope is that this starts an open conversation about security best practices. I would like to thank the people who have contributed to this document, but generally I have decided what is or is not listed in this release. There will be errors that I likely introduced and they will be addressed as they are raised.

There’s a GoogleDoc too for folks who are interested in adding comments directly to that version of the document.

Mike Gifford, President, OpenConcept Consulting Inc. Drupal 8 Core Accessibility Maintainer –> http://drupal.org/user/27930 http://twitter.com/mgifford | http://linkedin.com/in/mgifford Open source web development for social change – http://openconcept.ca

6.4 Linux/Unix co-op job at Alcatel-LucentIndexup to index

From Michael Anderson:

W14-8139- 77x Service Router 73D

Company Name: Alcatel-Lucent

Key Responsibilities / Functions:

·Remotely troubleshoot customer network issues on various IP Routing Products (includes 7750 SR, 7710SR, 7450 ESS, 7950 XRS, 7705 SAR and 7210 SAS)

·Analyze router/switch event logs and alarms, packet captures, connectivity traces, etc. to isolate issues to a product

·Interface with Global Technical Expertise Centers, Customer Account Teams, other Business Units, for technical consultation and customer support concerns

·Debug complex product installations, resolves complicated product problems by applying both established procedures and creative alternatives

·Enhance the capabilities to learn end to end solution/products of various customers.

·Maintain problem status and problem resolution records via ticketing system(s)

·Prepare reports on problems encountered and methods of resolution applied ensuring overall system integrity and reliability

·Maintain awareness of new features via training and cross train co-workers

Required Qualifications: (Education, Technical Skills/Knowledge)

·Must have excellent communication (verbal and written) skills

·Must have the ability to work well in a team environment

·Must be able to independently prioritize work

·Working knowledge of Linux or Solaris OS in order to parse large amounts of data effectively

·Knowledge of communication protocols (SNMP, TCP/IP)

Desired Qualifications: (Education, Technical Skills/Knowledge)

·Knowledge of mobility related solutions (LTE, Mobile Backhaul, SDN) is an asset

·Familiarity with various test equipment (IXIA, SmartBits, Landslide, etc). is desirable

·Working knowledge of IP Addressing/Sub-netting, Routing Protocols concepts, IP/MPLS is an asset

6.5 Take Notes In Class!Indexup to index

Take Notes in Class

Take Notes in Class

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