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1.1 Assignments this weekIndexup to index

Check the due date for each assignment and put a reminder in your agenda, calendar, and digital assistant.

1.2 Lab work this weekIndexup to index

3 From the Classroom Whiteboard/ChalkboardIndexup to index

I took a structured approach which involved setting up test cases. I went on the assumption of having no knowledge of permissions - blackbox testing in essence. Basically, I started by giving full permissions for USER to “target directory”, “source directory” and “source file”. As per #1, #2 and #3, I started by removing all permissions on the “target directory”; then set bits, one-by-one with chmod command. On success, I recorded symbolic permissions; then moved on to the “source directory” and repeated process. On success, I recorded symbolic permissions; then moved on to the “source file”. It took me 48 test cases to ‘proof’ the entire exercise. I think the total possible of cases could have been (2^3) x # of boxes (16) = 128; but you stop on success. I recorded my results in a document which is attached. C. Dougan

(The number of cases is actually 2^3^# where # is the number of boxes in a row. Rows with three boxes have 8x8x8=512 possible combinations, but careful choosing of test cases can quickly reduce that. -Ian!)

4 Real Sysadmin WorkIndexup to index

4.1 Linux/Unix co-op job at Alcatel-LucentIndexup to index

From Michael Anderson:

W14-8139- 77x Service Router 73D

Company Name: Alcatel-Lucent

Key Responsibilities / Functions:

·Remotely troubleshoot customer network issues on various IP Routing Products (includes 7750 SR, 7710SR, 7450 ESS, 7950 XRS, 7705 SAR and 7210 SAS)

·Analyze router/switch event logs and alarms, packet captures, connectivity traces, etc. to isolate issues to a product

·Interface with Global Technical Expertise Centers, Customer Account Teams, other Business Units, for technical consultation and customer support concerns

·Debug complex product installations, resolves complicated product problems by applying both established procedures and creative alternatives

·Enhance the capabilities to learn end to end solution/products of various customers.

·Maintain problem status and problem resolution records via ticketing system(s)

·Prepare reports on problems encountered and methods of resolution applied ensuring overall system integrity and reliability

·Maintain awareness of new features via training and cross train co-workers

Required Qualifications: (Education, Technical Skills/Knowledge)

·Must have excellent communication (verbal and written) skills

·Must have the ability to work well in a team environment

·Must be able to independently prioritize work

·Working knowledge of Linux or Solaris OS in order to parse large amounts of data effectively

·Knowledge of communication protocols (SNMP, TCP/IP)

Desired Qualifications: (Education, Technical Skills/Knowledge)

·Knowledge of mobility related solutions (LTE, Mobile Backhaul, SDN) is an asset

·Familiarity with various test equipment (IXIA, SmartBits, Landslide, etc). is desirable

·Working knowledge of IP Addressing/Sub-netting, Routing Protocols concepts, IP/MPLS is an asset

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Take Notes in Class

Take Notes in Class

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