DAT 2330 - Operating Systems

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DAT2330 - Operating Systems - Unix / MVS

Winter (January - April) 2000 :

Instructor: Prof. Ian! D. Allen
E-mail: idallen@freenet.carleton.ca
Office: Woodroffe B222B
Phone: 727-4723 ext.7075
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I teach only two sections of this course:

Section 010 - Tuesday 10am - 12noon, Thursday 8am - 10am
Section 020 - Wednesday 10am - 12noon, Friday 8am - 10am

See my schedule for details.

For other sections and courses please refer to:

Prof. Harold Smith (Course Developer) Home Page.

The InfoSystems Home Page.

On Working "together" on Assignments

Share your ideas, not your solutions or source code.  For details, see: Plagiarism.


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