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2003-09-23 14:44

Peer Evaluation

DAT2330 - Research Project

Due Date - Thursday, Feb 10, 9:00pm (evening)

Weight in Final Grade - 5%


To become familiar with another operating system not covered so far in the academic programme.  (The following O/S are excluded from consideration for this project: DOS, Win 3.1, Win95, Win98, AIX, Linux and MVS. Other variants of Linux/Unix are accepted.)
To showcase report-writing skills incorporating technical material in a presentation format.


Pick an operating system not covered in the course (i.e. exclude DOS, Win 3.1, Win95, Win98, AIX, Linux and MVS), then go to the course news group:


Look for and read the thread (subject topic) entitled: "Ian Allen: Research Project Choices ".

Ensure that no one else has picked the same operating system as you, then post a reply in that thread stating the OS your team has chosen, with the names of all team members. If your choice is already taken, please choose another OS.  The first team to post and select a particular operating system has priority. Do not post until your team is assembled!  (You get to choose your own teams.)

Research your OS and briefly describe (in this order, with these headings):

  1. The history and present market of the operating system
  2. The strengths and weaknesses (how well it meets the selection criteria given in class)
  3. Your forecast for its future
  4. Your research sources (for web sources, give click-able hypertext links)

The resulting brief report is to be formatted in HTML (use Netscape Composer, write your own HTML, or use any other tool you wish), and sent to your professor as an attachment to an E-mail message before the deadline.

The report is to be a team effort, with each team consisting of no less than 3 and no more than 5 students. Team member names must be listed in the body of the E-mail submitting the report. Team members will be asked to fill out a confidential peer evaluation form before marks are allocated to the team.

Projects will be posted on the course web page for our mutual edification (which is why all links to web sources must be click-able).

Research consisting of only internet sources may be considered suspect unless the sources are of high-quality.

Research consisting of only cut-and-paste excerpts from web pages, with no document structure or lacking flow or readability, will not be acceptable.  Treat this paper as if you were submitting it to an employer and showcasing both your technical knowledge and presentation skills.  (You may be doing exactly that some time soon!)


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