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File and Directory Permissions

Based on an assignment by Michael Anderson.

Security for UNIX systems is primarily achieved through the use of permissions on files and directories. It is important to thoroughly understand the effect of each permission, as it applies to both files and directories.

An objective of this lab is to experiment with permissions to gain an understanding of how they work. To complete this lab you will need to fill out the chart after you:

Create a dummy or test directory, as well as one or more subdirectories below the test directory.
Copy some dummy or test files into the test directory and its subdirectory.
Use the chmod command to remove and grant permissions for the files and directories.
Verify the effect of different permissions by using the commands to copy, move, delete files, as well as create, remove, and change directories (ie. cp, mv, rm, mkdir, rmdir, cd).

At the end of the lab, you should be able to write a paragraph (3-4 sentences) which succinctly, yet accurately describes the effect of permissions. What are the overall conditions required to create, read, and delete a file or a directory?

Permission simple ls ls -l cd into cp in/out mv in/out rm mkdir/rmdir
- - -              
r - -              
- w -              
- - x              
r w -              
r - x              
- w x              
r w x