Web Logs
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Web Server Log Files

Most web servers keep two main log files: the access log and and the error log.  The Algonquin College Netscape Enterprise web server running on NETSRV puts these files here (as of January 1999):


If you have a CGI script that seems to work fine when you run it locally but isn't working when you upload it to NETSRV, you may find the NETSRV web error log file output useful:

grep abcd0001 /export/home2/webns30/https-www/logs/errors 

Of course, since students don't have direct shell access to NETSRV, you'll have to write a trivial CGI script that performs the above command for you and displays the result as a web page.

A similar script, run on the access log, will tell you how "popular" your web pages are, and from where they are being accessed.